Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brandon Loves Racing....

Brandon loves his racing...that is Nascar! His favorite (& his Aunt Ruthie & Me) driver his Ryan Newman #12. Our Cocker Spaniel "Newman" his named after Ryan Newman!!! Ryan Newman is such a good driver to follow. His love of animals relates to Brandon plus Ryan has such a good character also. He races clean and his very fair.

We have a camping spot at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Our camping spot is right in the middle of the track! How awesome is that??? Brandon has a scanner so he can put his head phones on and tune into Ryan's Team and listen to them talk to Ryan while he is racing!! It's pretty neat to be right there and here all those race cars coming around the track at one time....loud is not even the word to use!

Brandon has met Ryan several times...too many, I've lost count!! Ryan is always very courteous and takes time to stop and have pictures taken and sign autographs. Brandon has many cars signed by Ryan. We have both met him and his wife, Krissy Newman.


Ang said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so proud ...It looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buttrflygurl2 said...

Thank you!! I'm trying!!!!!