Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrifting With My Mom

     This past Thursday my Mom and struck out down US HWY 19 to find some thrift shops. We love not having a "plan" but just going with the flow. We'll both be looking for thrift shops, goodwills', to stop at. We have been known to turn around for a thrift store!

Loved that this thrift shop loves our Florida Gators!!

I love the corner shelf! (i took this pic in hopes that my hubby will make me one or two or three.)

I loved this old vintage refridgerator!

     We also stopped at Kirkland's in Brooksville. It's a home decor store and the first time we'd ever stopped there! There prices were awesome!!! Here' s a few pics from their store:
This pic doesn't do this little tree justice! It was adorable and screamed "PLEXUS". I can just see this sitting on our Plexus table at events! I didn't buy it...this time!!

I love these signs!!

Moma did buy this! It's a mason jar tea dispenser!! This was an awesome find!

I"m planning on using this at our next Plexus event!! It's the perfect color!

Moma bought this cute bunny sign to hang on her front door. She just knew that Kason would love it!

No I didn't buy this..Moma just wanted my picture of holding something Easter! lol

Can you guess where we ate!?

Yes! Cracker Barrel!! :)

I really did like these mushroom canisters. They scream the 70's!!! No I didn't buy these. ;)

Here's a two cute owls that were at Cracker Barrel. 

Here's what I did buy:
I dearly love this Pyrex bowl!! It was marked $7.99. While standing in line, the cashier kind of hollers to everyone, "everything is 1/2 price today!" This really made my day. :)

I love chevron designs!!! 

This cute little owl was 1/2 price at Michael's!! I paid $5.00 for him! I love owls!!!

Moma and I had a great day together. We didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars to have a good time. As long as we are together is all that matters!!! 

Until Next Time....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mondays Are Fun Days!!

I thoroughly love keeping Kason on Mondays. He's such an easy going little fella. He's talking up a storm and has quite the imagination.We were outside playing at his swing set and I was watching him climb up his ladder to his slide and all of a sudden he stopped and started backing back down. I asked him, "Kason, why are you backing down? and he replied, "Aim, Aim, there are giants up there!!!" I started laughing and told him to knock them down the slide!!! He did and then he slide down the slide. Hahaha.

He rode his battery operated four wheeler around the yard which he loves to do. One problem. That jeep goes fast!! My legs couldn't keep up with him. (Karen and Jay live on a busy rode so I have to stay right with him because the rode is pretty close to their house.) Finally I got smart and decided when he would drive around one end of the house, I would start toward the other end and meet him (instead of following right beside him). Well, as I started towards my end of the house, I couldn't hear his four wheeler which kind of scared me!! So I started running and when I reached the back of the house what did I find? Kason was sitting down on his behind picking flowers!!! It was priceless. I didn't have my camera turned on so I missed that moment. I'll never forget it that's for sure!! Smokey their hound dog was right there with him. She's always right there with him and his very protective of him. 

I snapped these pics of my sweet little nephew who isn't so little any more. Where has the time gone to? March 1st this little guy will be 3 years old. Wow. Before we know it he will be in Kindergarten and I'm sure not ready for that as I know his parents aren't either. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Beginnings!

Today was a new beginning for Chuckie and I. Our alarm rang at 5:45am this morning.  At  6:20am we were in the vechicle driving to our local nature trail. I've had this on my list to do for a couple of months but kept making excuses so I decided to bite the bullet.
This is the pic I put on Instagram this morning! My Nike shoe! 

We walked 1 mile and I was smiling the whole time!! I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was! You have to remember that six months ago I was filing for short term disability. I had no energy, I hurt all the time due to Fibromyalgia & had low back pain bad enough I couldn't walk for more than 15-20 min without having to sit down. But fast forward six months and I've been taking Plexus Slim, I've lost 37 lbs., and I have 80% less Fibro pain!! So for me to walk 1 mile without stopping is simply amazing. Also to have energy and no back pain is a blessing.
We really enjoyed walking together. Chuckie could have left me in the dust, but he didn't. He stayed at my pace. :)

Our view behind us!! To think 6 months ago this was my view on my way to the hospital and now this is my view while walking!! I sure love working from home. It allows me to have time to do this. :)

We made it back to the vehicle!! I felt very accomplished. I really did enjoy walking and I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning!! Yahoo for new beginnings. :)

Until Next Time~