Friday, July 20, 2012

Exciting News!!!

     I have turned in my resignation at my current place of employment, Shands Hospital. It was a hard decision, but one that is best for me based on my health. I’ve been off since May 9th due to filing short term disability, which is still “pending”. This means I’ve been without a pay check since then. I appreciate and I’m thankful for our parents helping out here and there as needed. It’s amazing how much extra stuff or not have to have items that I use to spend money on! I’ve had to tighten my belt with no extra monies for anything extra. Guess what? I have lived and have felt better for it!
Being off work since May 9th has been an incredible wake up call thus my reasoning for leaving my full time position. I have had time to “breathe” so to speak. I don’t feel rushed, tired, exhausted, or stressed. I feel free!!! I didn’t realize how much having Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue plus working 40 hrs a week which equaled being gone 12 hrs a day was hurting me. I would be done for the day when I arrived home at 6:30pm, Mon. thru Fri. The weekends would be spend recuperating and gearing up for Mon. It was an endless vicious cycle that was so hard to explain to everyone. I feel so relieved to have this chance to change my career & move at a slower pace!
My exciting news which I am beyond thrilled about is: I am now an Independent Distributor for It Works! I am so amazed with this product and I can’t wait to share this with you!! It Works! has these awesome body wrap and supplements which work wonderfully! I know because I’ve tried it and so have family and friends.


You may wonder how did I stumble upon this awesome product? Well, I was invited to a “wrap” party and thought, “okay, why not try this product?” I was very very skeptical. The wraps were $25.00 each and I decided to get a wrap for my stomach area. My thought process was, “I spend monies on all kinds of stuff such as books, coffees, clothes, etc so why not spend $25.00 to see if this stuff really works?”
I was wrapped and 45 minutes later I was measured and I had lost 2inches! I was totally shocked to say the least! This product continued to work for three days! So by day three I had lost 3 1/2 inches. This lady is a believer! I’m so thankful that these products have natural ingredients!!


I do believe God has had his hand in everything that has happened. I have prayed about which direction my life should take. I do believe I am on the right track. Smile
If you would love to hear more about this product or would like to buy a wrap or two or three, email me at: My personal website is:   (just copy and paste...don’t put www in front of my name…it won’t open if you do.) I can’t wait to hear from you!!!
Until Next Time~

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday, Brandon!

 Our Brandon is 20 years old. Oh where does the time go? It seems just like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital (Alachua General  Hospital which is no longer there - they tore the hospital down several years ago.) Oh how do I remember the hospital stay... Chuckie spending the first night with me in the hospital and the second night my sister, Karen & my sister in law, Amy stayed with Brandon & I! They were 14 & 15 years old!! The morning we left the hospital, Chuckie & Colby (our oldest son was  2 1/2 years old) came to pick us all up. Can you believe on our way home I wanted to stop at Walmart..& we did!? I'm still amazed that a new born and giving birth wasn't going to stop me from shopping! I of course wanted to shop at the baby department. :) Of course I was young...22 years old with lots of energy! Now thinking about it I would not have subjected Brandon to all those germs! One of my most favorite memories was in Walmart that morning- Brandon was in his carseat which we sat down in the grocery cart and Colby was standing on the cart looking down into the buggy staring at his little brother & Brandon smiled at him!!! He was only 2 days old and already smiling at his big brother!! I knew right then they would be buddies. :) It did this Moma's heart good witnessing that special moment. :)

Now fast forward 20 years later and we have this amazing handsome young man that we get to call our son, Brandon Charles Eastman. He has brought so much joy to our house. He has a heart of gold & would do anything to help someone in need. He is a Christian young man which is just the greatest blessing of all. He amazes me with his convictions & for what he stands for.

The day of his Birthday - June 29th, we took him along with his Grandparents (Richard & Frances) to Yamatos Japanese Steakhouse. We all love to eat there and they give you a free B-day dinner! We actually at there for lunch time and it wasn't nearly as crowded and a bit cheaper too. :) Here's some pics from our lunch with the Birthday guy:

Happy 20th Birthday Brandon!! We enjoyed hanging out with you and eating at your favorite restaurant! :)

Until Next Time ~