Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photoshop Elements 7: I made my very 1st Digital Scrapbook page in Forver!

      I have been determined to learn Photshop Elements 7!! Honestly, it's the layering that confuses me. I have found a SITE that I Love, which has free tutorials available. It's nice to be able to watch it, pause and lots of rewinding to do! :)
     Here's my very first page I created:
This is my little nephew & my cousin Amer. 
This digital page isn't perfect ( I forgot to put writing on the red lines!) but's it's a start! :)

Go ahead and try it for yourself! :)

Colby's 22 Birthday!

     Colby celebrated his 22nd Birthday on January 18th. We had is Bday party on Saturday Jan 21st...It's taken me a while to write about it! It was an extra special birthday because this is his first birthday as a married young man!! He had a Birthday party cookout held at his Papa & Granny Eastman's house.
     We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs at the barn. It's such a great place to hang out at! The weather was perfect! It was sunny but it had a little chill in the air so it didn't get as warm as we had all thought it would be. But I definitely say the low 70's in the prefect weather!
     I had the privilege of picking my little nephew Kason up & taking him with me! I picked him up from his Moma's consignment shop: Second Impressions. They were hiding behind a clothes rack when I walked in! They tried to scare me!! :) He was all ready to leave with me!! (He's not quite 2 years old). It's been many years since I've had a car seat in my vehicle. Like 19 years old ago!!!
     Colby had a awesome time with family and friends. They rode four wheelers and had a grand time. It was a very enjoyable afternoon! I just can't believe I have a 22 year old!! I'm getting old (er). ;)
     Here's a few pics I took:
( I didn't have time to edit these pics! :(
Colby and Kason Lane

Brandon & Kason Lane

Brandon & his Nannie
The delicious chocolate peanut butter reese cake Aunt Amy made! It was delicious!

Colby & Sarah....It's cake time!

Aunt Amy & Amer

Kason & Amer.... Amer drove us through the woods on his Papa's easy go golf
cart machine. (I can't think of the proper name for it!) so we decided to stop and take a few
pics. :)
Kason is sitting on a stump! It was just his size!

Colby & Ty riding four wheelers....

Here comes Uncle Dennis & Brandon......

Hamburger & hot dog time! Aunt Ruthie, Granny Eastman &

Aunt Amy & Uncle Dennis.....:)

Pa trying out Uncle Gene & Aunt Ruthie's new toy! Kason loved riding in it!
This is what Amer was driving Kason & I around in! :) It's diesel too!

Colby I hope you had a wondeful 22nd Birthday!!! We love you!! :) 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Colby and Sarah's Visit to Savannah, Ga = Their Honeymoon

     Colby and Sarah went to Savannah, Georgia for their honeymoon. They stayed at the beautiful Marriott Hotel. I know it's beautiful because Karen & I took Robin there for her 40th Birthday several years ago. :)
I received a text from Sarah one evening that read, "carriage ride + hot chocolate = great honeymoon! I was so excited they were having such a good time!!
     Here's a few pics Sarah & Colby took on their honeymoon:
I love how Sarah thought to take pics of the backseat! 

 Aunt Karen made them a goody basket!

Arrived safe and sound!

Beautiful bridge in Savannah, Ga

I'm thinking they just left the sweet shop on River Street! ;)
It's actually a chocolate covered marshmellow stick!

They ate supper at Uncle Bubba's which is Paula Deen's brothers restaurant!


"Mr &  Mrs"

I love this pic of the lighthouse...the red just pops!


Here's the caption explaining why Sarah is holding a 
salt shaker:
 '"i had a sore throat and colby was sweet enought to go down to the hotel restaurant and get me salt to gargle with lol i asked for salt packets and brought back a shaker!"

Beautiful Tybee Island, Ga

Married Man. :)

Sarah, you did an excellent job taking photos!!! They turned out wonderful. :)

Bath Time

     Our sweet babies are not thrilled when it's bath time.I learned my lesson by not saying, "come on boys, it's bath time" because they will run...away from me! I normally just walk up to Newman & pick him up and carry him to the tub. He doesn't like it and he will normally start shaking a little but he stands there so patiently. I talk so sweet to him, telling him "it's okay, Mommy just needs to wash you so you will be nice and clean." Do y'all do that too, talk to your furry children while bathing them?

     When Newman is finished with his bath then it's time to find Ollie. Ollie will be hiding in our bedroom or on the couch and he will be shaking too. I promise I've never mistreated them for the to not like their baths! I talk to sweet Ollie too...he just stands there and lets me bathe him.

     They both love it though after the fact. They love it when I finish drying them with a towel & say, "you can go." They tear off running through the house, rolling on the carpet & rubbing up against the couch. They are funny to watch.

      They both bring so much joy to our house and especially to me. I say that, but honestly they bring joy to each of us in there different ways. I love it when I sit at the couch recliner, Newman will jump up beside me and want to sit in my lap.

     Ollie is more like a lap doggie. He would sit with someone all the time if we would let him. He LOVES to lick but we've almost stopped that just by telling him no and turning our head. Every once in a while he gets a lick in. :)

     Here's a few pics of our boys after there bath:

We L.O.V.E. our furry children. I just hate to think of the day when they aren't with us. It makes me so sad to think of it. It crosses my mind at least once a week. :( I know, I know just enjoy our time with them!! I have thought this before: I know it will be so very hard to handle when we don't have them in our lives. My fear is when one of them passes away the other is going to be so lonely. They are like brothers...Newman is the youngest but the largest & he acts like Ollie is his brother. He will clean..I mean lick Ollie's eyes and Ollie lets him. It's just so sweet to see Newman taking care of Ollie, even though Ollie is the oldest!! I better quit typing before I start crying....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My version of "One Word for 2012..."

     I have seen this all over blog land: You choose ONE word you would like to focus upon during the year. It can be any word....Well I couldn't choose just one! Ha,ha!  I know I have to be just a little different. "  I really want to focus on these words:

     I'll tell you what each word means to me: Create: I want to create scrapbook pages - the regular old fashioned way & digitally, I want to make a wreath I saw on Pinterest, I want to create Subway art, I just want to be create - ful!
     I want to simplify my life. I want to simplify my home, as in decluttering my home. You know the saying, "less is more."  I really do believe that. I just haven't putting "less is more" into my home!  When I was a little kid my Mom use to tell me, "everything should have its place, if it doesn't you don't need it." I just have a habit of sitting stuff done & telling myself I'll put it away later & then I don't. I've been working on simplifying  my scrapbook area since last weekend. I totally forgot to take photos of the before mess...that's exactly what it was, a BIG MESS! I promise to take after photos. :)  Am I the only one who feels embarrassed about before pics? I know there is no way on earth I would ever post a before pic on my bedroom right now. NO WAY! I can only imagine walking in my kitchen, living room & bedroom & for there to be no clutter...this would be simplifying my home / life.
     I want become more thankful for my surroundings. I know I focus on the things I can't door don't feeling like doing because I lack energy  (due to having Fibromyalgia) &  I need to be thankful for the things I can do. I want to be thankful I have a home (even though it's a rental home & not our "own": home, at least we have one! I want to be thankful I for my job, even though I would love to be a stay at home wife, so I could manage the house, chores, helping out church family more often, not being exhausted all the time from being gone 11 1/2 hrs from home. I have to tell myself I'm blessed to have a job because there are so many that do not. I love my coworkers to deatlth. That right there is a reason to be thankful!!
     I am going to make more time to STUDY God's word! I am going to start reading the Bible everyday. Monday thru Friday I will read in the mornings after I arrive at work. I always get to work early and get coffee and sit in the little bar area at Shands. So this will be a perfect time to read. I also want to learn photoshop so I'm going to study some tutorials!!!
     I'm giving  2012 my best shot at being a more creative person, simplifying my life, thankful in mind & spirit & I want to study the Bible more this year than any in the past!!!
     I will be posting updates to all of these words as to how I'm progressing! Oh yeah, I needed to throw in exercise as a one of my words too...Ummm. I 'll have to work on that one. I really started a few weeks ago by walking to the parking garage instead of riding the shuttle bus. BUT, I've slacked off so I need to jump back on board asap.
     What is your word(s) that you are focusing upon? I'd LOVE to hear! :)
  P.S...did you notice my creative attempt to up above with my four words? I love Picnik!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Part Two: Colby & Sarah's Hitched!

    {This post is going to be mostly photos.}
 I wasn't able to Colby's face when he turned around to look at Sarah wearing her wedding dress, but I knew Julee had that all taken care of. I'm glad I was there to capture a different angle.

 Then it was time for Colby to turn around. I just loved this moment. I guess it's the suspense, romance & the unknown that just captured me.

I have no idea what they were saying, but as the saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words." So 
so true. I just know they are in love & that's what counts the most. :)

My sweet son & new daughter. :)

My Moma & I before the wedding started.

My hubby & my Daddy....

Sarah & Whitney...they are beautiful young ladies. 

Left to right: Sarah Heaton-Maid of Honor, Sarah, Whitney, & Hayley. 
What is really very special is  Sarah's bridal party & Colby's groomsmen all attended the grade
in school & graduated with on another; with the exception of Brandon-Best Man & brother of the groom he graduated a year after them.

Around 3:15 guests started arriving:

I just love this Ford tractor.  Sarah painted this sign herself. :)


I'm so glad I caught this on camera....Sarah, stumbled over her words & died laughing! She made us all laugh and from going from a few moments ago crying while walking down the aisle to this was just wonderful. 

Colby's asking his brother, "the ring?" Brandon says, "I don't have it." Brandon then
looks at Caleb & ask him & Caleb doesn't have it, finally they get to C.J. & he has it in
his pocket! Brandon thought this was hilarious & it did make Colby & Sarah laugh!

Colby putting Sarah's ring on her finger. :)

Colby & Sarah trying to light the candles. There was a good breeze blowing so 
it was impossible to light the candle!

I love this pic!

So so sweet!

I love how Colby put his hat up when he kissed Sarah! So country!

"Mr. Mrs. Warren Colby Eastman"

The bridal party taking a ride on the trailer.....

Holly giving her daughter a hug, but her Daddy isn't too far behind!

Nannie giving Sarah a great big ol' hug! Love the smile on Jason's face (far right)!

Colby & Kason :)

The whole Bridal Party....Oh so beautiful & sweet!

My pics from the reception didn't turn out well at all. I honestly was exhausted by then! But Julee was still there taking photos so that is a good thing!!
I will post a few pics tomorrow as my sister in, Amy law took some photos too. I just haven't downloaded them yet to my computer!
This was definitely a beautiful country wedding!!! ( I am a little biased.)