Monday, December 15, 2008

Colby's Senior Pictures!

We originally had Colby's Senior Pictures taken
in Gainesville through the school (can't remember
the name as of right now!). They turned out great
but they are soooo expensive. So we ended up going
with a studio in Clearwater, Florida called Portrait
Innovations. My sister in law and her husband had
their pictures taken there during the summer and they
turned out great. We had Colby's casual
pictures taken and since we were all there we had
family pics taken too! We will still order his official
Senior picture with him in his tux through the school.
I will post some of his pics and our family pics too!
It seems so unreal that
our oldest child will be graduating in 2009!! Boy
how time flies. We only have them a short while but
when they are born it seems like they will be a child

Friday, December 12, 2008

Scrapbooking Online!!!

I love taking pictures and scrapbooking! There is a neat website called
You can create a scrapbook page pretty easy! The site is the easiest one I've found yet! I have created pages and then uploaded to Walmart photo site and had prints printed. I've haven't tried printing anything bigger than a 5x7. The quality has turned out perfect!!!

My Sister Karen Is Now Married to Jason Driggers as of Sept. 27, 2008!!! :)

All Because Two People Fell In Love SCRIPT Pictures, Images and Photos
Here is Mr. & Mrs. Jason Driggers!!!

Karen has found her Mr.Right!! He is such a sweet guy. He has found his Mrs. Right too! They are a perfect fit together. They are so much alike it's kind of scary!

Some of my Favorite Books Besides the Bible!


Bella Loves Edward

I go through differnet phases in life. Right now I'm into reading! I finished reading the four books in the Twilight Series and dearly loved them. I can't wait to reread them. I honestly don't think I've ever done that except for rereading in the Bible! I hope Stephanie Meyer's finishes and published the book from Edward's view point!!! How neat will this be? Ummmmm very exciting and a whole new revealation!


I also just finsihed reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer. This is the same author who wrote the Twilight Series. It took me a couple of chapters to get into the book but once I did it was well worth it. It is the most completely different kind of book I've ever read! I will reread this one also. I just can't wait to see what Stepanie Meyer publishes next!!!??

the host Pictures, Images and Photos

I love Nicholas Sparks and can't wait to read his newest book...

Nicholas Sparks Pictures, Images and Photos

Also Lori Wick is one of my favs too! She is such a wonderful author of Christian books. Y'all please read Sophie's Heart...lori wick, sophies heart

Sophie is so very humble! We all could learn about compassion, forgiveness and humbleness from her. Well this is one that I will reread again too!

Another great author of Christian ficton books is:

Karen Kingsbury Pictures, Images and Photos

I have read several of her books too. Right now I've started Even Now. I can't wait to see how it ends!

Twilight..What More Can I Say?

I just found this post in my draft section. I'm not sure why I didn't getting around to posting it. I originally wrote this in Dec. 2008. So here it is:
The Twilight Series is an absolute must read for ones that love romance, mystery, and just plain entrapment!! Once I started reading Twilight...I went to Walmart and bought the next book in the series! I could not hardly put the book down! I didn't want to do anything else but read!!! My family couldn't understand the reason why I was so into these books. They actually thought I was just a little obsessed with vampires! Especially when I started talking about vampires playing "baseball"!! I told them they would just have to read the to which I'm sure my husband & two teenage boys will never read Twilight!! Luckily several of my close friends have read the book and now my sister is reading them too!!
Twilight is like no other book I've ever read. It really just pulls you in. And yes, I just love Edward! So Team Edward for me! When I'm in town and see a Volvo it makes me smile. (You will have to read the series if you don't know what that statement means!!)
This will undoubtly go down as my favorite books of all times, except for the Bible because it is my very favorite!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Parents!

I am so blessed beyond measure to have two of the most loving parents a girl could ask for. My parents are W.A. & Blanche Arrington. I talk to them almost everyday. I'm so glad I live just miles away from them. I know in a heart beat if I needed anything I could just give them a call!

Our Children With Fur!

We have two children with fur!! How lucky we are! We have Newman Eastman who is 3 years old. He is a buff cocker spaniel. He came into our lives when he was 3 months old. I had just been dx with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgai.This took place in Dec. '05. My sister Karen & Best Friend (really my other sister!!) Robin decided to go together and buy me a cocker spaniel!!! What a gift! (Karen already had a cocker named Ollie and I had fell in love with him back in March '05). Karen called me on a Thursday afternoon and told me what they were buying me!! I had found an advertisement online earlier in the day so Karen told me to call the phone number to see if there were any puppies left. I was so excited beyond words! I was going to get my own Cocker!!! Sure enough when I called there were two little boys left!! I wanteda boy so this was looking great! Robin and Karen picked me up the following morning to head to Dunnelon. Honestly when we arrived & went inside to see the puppies it didn't take but just a minute for me to pick between the two little boys! I knew which one I wanted!! I already had picked out a name...."Newman". He was being named after Brandon & my favorite Nascar Driver "Ryan Newman". At this time of being dx with CFS & Fibro I was exttremely tired and depressed. WEll this little guy just made me keep a smile on my face! I couldn't thank Karen & Robin enough for what they had done for me!!! I say to this day that little Newman was just waiting for his Mommy to come pick him up. He had waited for three L O N G months for me to get there for him! From the very first night he slept with me in the bed!!! That very first night he slept right by my side and when he started wiggling I knew he had to go potty! Honestly he was completely potty trained within a week or so!!! Now how easy was that??? We didn't crate train him. I just shut the kitchen off from the rest of the house and would come home on my lunch hour and take him out! He is such a smart little fellow!!


I am very blessed to have a "little" sister. Her name is Karen Arrington Driggers. We are seven years apart. We are extremely close. We normally talk at least once a day if not more!!! I'm so glad I have a sister. Anyone growing up without having a sister has no clue what they are missing.

Brandon Loves Racing....

Brandon loves his racing...that is Nascar! His favorite (& his Aunt Ruthie & Me) driver his Ryan Newman #12. Our Cocker Spaniel "Newman" his named after Ryan Newman!!! Ryan Newman is such a good driver to follow. His love of animals relates to Brandon plus Ryan has such a good character also. He races clean and his very fair.

We have a camping spot at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Our camping spot is right in the middle of the track! How awesome is that??? Brandon has a scanner so he can put his head phones on and tune into Ryan's Team and listen to them talk to Ryan while he is racing!! It's pretty neat to be right there and here all those race cars coming around the track at one time....loud is not even the word to use!

Brandon has met Ryan several times...too many, I've lost count!! Ryan is always very courteous and takes time to stop and have pictures taken and sign autographs. Brandon has many cars signed by Ryan. We have both met him and his wife, Krissy Newman.

Colby Has His Own Lawn Business....

Colby is such an independent young man! He dearly loves working outside doing basically anything that involves a lawn mower, tractor, or any other piece of equipment. He has loved to be outside since he was just a baby! His love of tractors started basically when he was big enough to play with them! He has his own zero turn radius lawn mower and makes his own payments towards it! He has his own lawn accounts and this is what he wants to do when he graduates. He plans on going to Lake City Community College after he graduates High School. He is very self motivated and aims to please! We are so very proud of our Colby.

Colby's Working Hard at His Nanny & Pa's Meat House

Colby has a part time job working with his Nanny & Pa aka W.A. & Blanche Arrington. He is learning how to process beef, pork, and vension! He has the best meat cutter instructor...his Pa!
He helps in any way needed. He has helped butcher cows, hogs, deer, and even a buffalo or two! I will have to add pictures ! He has been a great big help to both Nanny & Pa. He arrives at their house right after school. He works Monday thru Friday. Pa & Nanny looks forward to seeing their Grandson pull in their yard after school! They enjoy just as much as he does. He also gets to spend valuable time with his Grandparents.