Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had a wondeful Thanksgiving Day spent with lots of Family! We are truly blessed beyond measure. This year we all gathered at Papa & Granny Eastman's house for Thanksgiving. We ate around 1:00pm. My parents came along with relatives from Chuckie's side of the family. Colby ate lunch with Sarah & her family but came back out to Papa & Granny's house later i the afternoon & brought Sarah with him.
Here are a few pics from the day:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Brandon & His Chevy Truck!

     It all started by Brandon looking at   I would just love to know how many times my boys have searched this site (& I mean the "big" boy too aka as their Dad!?) Brandon showed us the picture of a 2003 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab truck. It has 65, 000 miles and is black with a red pin stripe around the truck. It really sounded like a good deal with the price that had attached to it. They had quite a few pictures of the truck to view too. So by viewing the website we were all impressed with the truck.
    Chuckie and I were off the following day for Veteran's Day so told Brandon we would go look at it if he wanted too. He said that would be fine. He called and asked Papa Eastman if he wanted to come too.
     We had to first get up and go get the oil changed in my vechicle at Tire Mart. It was over about 2, 000 miles, so we had to do that!! Chuckie did call the dealership to make sure they still had the vechicle for sale. I had this feeling of "what if they had already sold it?" So I was relieved to hear Chuckie tell him we would be down there that afternoon.
     We met Brandon at Papa & Grann'ys house. We were on the rode headed to New Port Richey by 12:30pm. One of the favorite things I love about traveling is stopping to eat food!! I just love eating. :) We stopped and ate ordered Steak & Shake to go. Luckily we were there during "Happy Hour" so our drinks, even milkshakes were 1/2 off!! Who knew S&S had Happy Hour? They have the most scrumptious milk shakes!
     Before we would get to the dealership they had called twice to check on us to see where we were! The second time they called we were about five minutes from pulling in their dealership. When we pulled in there sat Brandon's truck!! It looked even better in person than on the computer.
     Of course be being the Moma I am, I had my camera as always. :) Brandon has come to expect it for the most part. I only aggravated him once with it, so that wasn't too terribly bad. When Brandon opened the truck door I was surprised to see a super nice clean truck! It looked almost brand new inside! I didn't see any torn areas on the seats or anywhere. Whom ever owned the truck before took really good care of it, that's for sure!!
     While Brandon was thinking if this is what he was wanting to buy, the salesman, Frank showed Brandon around to some other trucks, but Brandon liked the Chevy 2003 the BEST.
2003 Chevy Silverado
     Frank went over the price, down payment, interest, and monthly payments and Brandon agreed that he could make the payments. So Brandon Charles Eastman is the proud owner of a 2003 Chevy Black Extended Cab Truck!!!!
     We are all so proud of him!! This is a huge step into the "Big Ole' World!"
I Love You Brandon & you really deserved this truck!

Mom and Brandon

Uncle Dennis, Brandon, Mom, Dad & Papa.

Brandon & his Papa Eastman. :)