Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family, Four Wheelers, Golf Karts & Antiques

     Family days are such a blessing to have. We had an adventure Saturday beginning at 5:30am! in our son Colby & his wife Sarah, our other son Brandon, Whitney who is a friend of the family, Holly & Ty which is Sarah's Mom and brother and then Chuckie & I were all up bright and early! I even woke up early enough to color my hair. I just don't like my gray hair shining!

     Holly met us at 5:30 am and then we met up with the kids (like they are all ten years old..ha!) in Otter Creek which was on our way. We met Uncle Gene, Amer & Art in Brooksville at good ole' Cracker Barrell. It's kind of an Eastman tradition to have our breakfasts at Cracker Barrell. Chuckie and I typically order Moma's french toast and bacon. It's just he best!!! I also tried rasberry tea for the first time and I loved it!!

     We arrived at Fort Meade around 10:30am. They guys unloaded the three four wheelers and one golf cart. Colby was the lucky one to pull the flat bed trailer. He is one guy that loves to tow things.

     Luckily we had a four seater golf cart reserved thanks to my in laws. My low back could could not take walking all day! So I'm very thankful we had it to ride on. :)

     I had so much fun looking at all the antiques! I'm one of those kind of girls that when I see a price, I'm going to ask if they can take a lower price. ;) I figure it can't hurt. They will either say yes or no! It worked in my favor for two items I bought.

Here's a few of the things I bought:

I found a metal shelf that can be hung on a wall or it will sit on the counter. I extremeley loved the glass knobs on each end of the dowel. I like it's versality to use it in the kitchen with paper towels on it or hanging it in the bathroom with hand towels. Ummm, which should I do?
The lady selling it had $12.00 and I offered her $8.00 and she took it! She also has a glass bottle that I really liked and I bought it for $3.00 instead of the $5.00 she was asking. Yay for scoring a good deal.

Another fav item is a wooden table I spotted from the distance! Little did I know that it housed a Singer sewing machine! The table reminded me of one my Mom had when I was growing up. I remember her making a shirt one time. I still can picture us at the dining room table with the pattern and pins all strung out! Oh what sweet memories. :) I honestly don't have a clue as to what year the sewing machine is from. I'll have to investigate on google. The man had $50.00 on it but he showed us when you left the top of the table to pull the sewing machine up, one bolt was broken, so he dropped the price down to $25.00!!! It was SOLD to Amee. hahahaha. Now I have I just need to learn how to sew. Oh boy!!

Met up with the Colby, Sarah, Ty (he's in there you just can't see him), Whitney & Brandon. 

Brandon & Whitney....

Time to unload the four wheelers & golf kart. 

Sarah is ready to go find some antiques!

Chuckie and I..

Cute little John Deere tractor!!

I thought this was a cute little tractor! 

They called these Texas Taters. Boy were they good!

Here's the wooden table with the Singer sewing machine! 

They had some good butter pecan ice cream!

Love this pic!

Two sweetie pies!!

If my little nephew was here he would have been riding on this!!

Whitney just loved these orange trees!!! :)

I have not had time yet to take photos of my other deals. I will as soon as I take pics of them. It will probably be this weekend before I post. :) Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who Knew?

     If you love painting your finger nails but hate having to deal with chipped polish with in one day, you may just love this product that I have found. {you can thank me later. hahaha}

     This is the most awesome find:

There are solid colors to pick from along with lots of different prints!! I can't wait to buy all more designs. :) This makes this girl HAPPY!

I have tried this product myself and I love it!!! My first pack is the black & white flower design. I put it on each ring finger, ya know just to try it out to see if I would like it. I LOVE it!! It's been over 24 hours and it has not chipped. Yay! 

I'm thinking I need to put this design on all my fingernails now! I'm loving the black & white flower design. 

I've read the reviews and it seems everyone is impressed with this product. If you would like to check this product out you can find it here.  CVS actually had this product on sale buy one get one 1/2 off!!!! I believe the sale ends on Saturday, so  run walk to CVS and try this product out. :) Let me know if you like it as much as I do!!!

In no way has anyone paid me to advertise this product. This is my own personal opinion! Gotta run, got to finish putting the other polish strips on. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Oliver Better Known As "Ollie"

     Let's see....I've always loved doggies from the time I was a little girl and I still do some 41 years later! It helped that my Dad & Mom always had dogs when I was growing up. I can still remember my Dad coming home from work and I would go out back with him to play and feed our dogs.

     I remember when I was around 5 years old he had a black dog named Pepper. Pepper was kin to Run Tin Tin the famous German Shepherd from a long long time ago!! Any ways Pepper was part German Shepherd & maybe Lab. My parents had this pic hanging in their bedroom:
A pic of Pepper and I!!
I grew up seeing this pic in their bedroom and it made me feel special.  So began my love for doggies. :)

     Back to the title of this post. ;) Ollie was special way before he came to live with us. You see, he was my sisters Cocker Spaniel. Yes, Karen was his 1st Mommy. I remember the day she got Ollie. I remember the day she called me saying, "Amee, you'll never guess what Ollie did"...then proceeded to tell me how she arrived home from work to find Ollie on her bed (which just happened to have a brand new quilt on it) laying there with a dead baby rabbit!!!! He was oh so proud because he caught the intruder in his back yard!! Yes, Ollie caught and killed the rabbit & brought it in through the doggie door and took it to her bed!! Luckily only a little blood got on her comforter and it did come clean. Thank goodness!
     I also remember the day I officially feel deeply in love with Ollie. I went to my sisters house to have a girls sleep over. I finally was able to experience what it was like to be around Ollie for more than a couple of hours. I loved how he followed us every where we went in the house. I remember going to the bathroom and yes Ollie went with me. He wanted to be where we were. The moment that did it for me was when it got bed time. He ALWAYS slept with my sister. Every single night. That was the norm. Well when it was time to go to bed, Ollie realized he had a visitor: me. His auntie. :) He couldn't decide where to sleep: with his Mommy or with his Auntie!!! Poor little guy....he would go to Karen's room then back to the living room with me. He ended up sleeping in the love seat in the living room. I say he couldn't decide who to sleep with so he chose neither one of us..... He won my heart right then and there. He is the reason I knew I wanted a little boy Cocker Spaniel too. Little did I know that one day he would be mine.

Fast forward several some unforseen happenings in life and my sister moved to a house in town which didn't allow pets. At this time she still had Ollie and even had a 2nd Cocker Spaniel named Sawyer. So my hubby, boys and & I took Ollie and my parents took Sawyer. :) He and Newman (our Cocker that we had had for 1 1/2 yrs.) were buddies from the day Ollie came home to us.

So Ollie had my heart even before my Newman did. Now I share my heart with both of my boys. :)

Here's a few of my favorite pics of both Newman & Ollie:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Newman and Ollie, Our Furry Boys

     Our furry boys are such a joy to all of us. We've had Newman since Dec. 2005 and Ollie came to us in July 2008. Newman was gift from my sister / Best Friend- Karen and my Best Friend- Robin.

Here's a little refresher: I had been dx with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue the summer of 2005 after being off work for a month and numerous trips to different doctors apppointments. I was feeling down and out and extremely exhausted. December 2005, Karen & Robin got together and decided they would buy me a Cocker Spaniel! I had recently found an ad online for several that were for sale. They told me they would buy me one!!! I was so shocked to say the least! I called the number that was in the ad and sure enough they had three left..all little boys which is what I wanted because Karen had a little boy cocker named Ollie and I fell in love with him!

     At this time I was working for Robin's family and she told me that I was going to take the next day off which was on a Friday and we (Robin, Karen & I) would go look at the spaniels and see if they were what I was looking for. I was so excited! I had already picked out his name:  Newman. I got that name from a Nascar driver: Ryan Newman #12 Alltel driver at the time. He is an awesome driver and he & his wife Krissie love dogs. So I wore my Newman #12 sweatshirt the morning that we left to go look at the Cocker Spaniels.

     I was so excited as we drove to Dunnellon. We finally arrived to look at the Cocker Spaniels. When we walked inside the Mommy & Daddy to the puppies were there too! There were three little boys. It honestly didn't take me long to figure out which one I wanted! I had my dream come true...I was getting my very own Cocker Spaniel named Newman!!! It was like a dream....a dream come true from my two Best Friends!!  It is honestly the best gift I've ever received except for having Colby & Brandon.

     I still say to this day, that Newman was just waiting for his Mommy to come pick him up. He fit perfectly in my arms and even fell asleep on our way home!!!! It was meant to be, no doubt!

     Chuckie, Colby & Brandon new I was going to look at the them but they didn't know for sure if I would get one. So when it was time to pick Colby & Brandon up from school Karen drove me there and I had Newman in the car with us! Brandon was the first to arrive at the car and he was just thrilled that we had a new little puppy! I was in the back seat with Newman and that's were Brandon got too. Newman acted like he had been with us for months. He was so happy to meet Brandon! Then it was Colby's turn to get to the car and he was just as excited to meet Newman!

     I can't even describe how much Newman is loved. He makes us all smile, laugh and we all love to love on him. At that time in my life he sure helped me. It helped coming home from work and he would greet me at the gate & was just so excited to see me.

     It's amazing but he was potty trained within a week!!!! I would lay newspaper in the kitchen and he would stay in there while we were at work. I would then come home at lunch time & let him out. Then we would all be home that afternoon around 4:30. At night time  he would sleep with me in the crook of my arms and when he would start wiggling I would take him out! That's how he was potty trained. I think he may have had one accident..maybe. Definitely not more than one! Unbelievable!! He was and is the best gift ever. :)

Here's a few pictures of the day Newman came into our life:

On our way home with my little Newman!!!!!!

Sleeping in his Mommy's arms!

Robin and I with Newman...

I wuv him so much .....

My sister with Newman....

Newman wrapped in his baby blanket from his Auntie Karen. We were
were at school waiting for Colby & Brandon to get to the car.

Newman was thrilled to meet Brandon! 

Newman loves his Auntie Robin!

Newman at home with us. He was one tuckered little fella!

Newman taking a nap. It's wuff being a little puppy!

Newman with his favorite toy that his Auntie Karen bought him. 

   Part two tomorrow about our adoption of Ollie. :) Stay tuned.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I've Signed Up!!

     Lists. I do love'em. I remember last September when 30 Days of Lists started to their sign up details. I didn't sign up then but I did just register for March 1st, 30 Days of Lists. I think it will be fun and a good way to make a journal of "my" lists. :)
     Come on and join the fun and sign up for your 30 Days of Lists.  Once you sign up you will have access to the prompts for each days list. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

     Valentine's Day did not go unnoticed at my home. I welcomed with open arms my dozen of red roses from my sweet hubby. He actually did surprise me by bringing them home on Monday night. He always picks out sweet cards. He says he stands there & reads them until he finds just the right one that says how he feels. I wouldn't let him take a pic due to the fact I was looking horrible from working all day and & I already had my pj's on! So I did the next best thing: I had Chuckie take my pic with my flowers on Valentine's morning. I did not rest good and it's obvious in the photo, but at least my flowers are pretty!

     Here's a couple of pics just in case you were wandering what the flowers looked like. ;)

I guess I am a girly girl because I do love pretty flowers and a sentimental card.

In case anyone was wandering, I did buy Chuckie a card & a Reese heart filled with Reeses. :) He also grilled steaks for us + Brandon for supper. Supper was ready when I arrived home from a long day at work. Steak & french fries was delicious. No pics though. Totally forgot!

I hope you and yours had a special Valentines Day!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Happy Friday!!!

     Happy Friday y'all!!! I'm very thankful for Fridays. It means tomorrow = sleeping in. :)

     I am very thankful to have a job with benefits and more especially thankful for the ladies I share my days with. They are like family to me. At times it can be very stressful but that would be true anywhere you work for the most part. I really love helping our patients. I work at the Outpatient Lab at our local hospital. Most of the patients we see are sick of some sort. Our smiling and willing to serve them may be the nicest thing they see today!! A smile doesn't cost anything.

     We (as in my coworkers) also enjoy telling about our afternoon from the day before. It sure makes the day go by faster. We learn about one another by telling stories, sharing photos, &  laughing until we cry. So that I'm very very very thankful for them!! I know a lot of people are not that fortuante. Especially when a bunch of women work together! Yes some women can be very caddy. Luckily we are not! 

Here's Jean. She has been my mentor. She trained me for the position I have. We have been really close friends. She's a gem, that's for sure!

Here we are at Halloween!
From left to right: Me, Jenna (she lives in the same town I do but we can't car pool because we have different hours) & Tina. We have a great time together!


I hope y'all have a wonderfu Friday afternoon & a wonderful weekend!! ....
My sister in law - Amy & her hubby Dennis & their two fur babies- Annabelle & Remy are coming up for the weekend to celebrate her Birthday! It was Feb. 8th. We are all going out to eat Saturday night so that will be wonderful evening spent with family & friends. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


     I've heard about it. I've seen photos of it. But have you seen it? This is the neatest / coolest thing since sliced bread. I'm lovin' Smash*.

     First, to appreciate how much I love it, you have to know a little about me. I'm in awwwwe over pens, paper, journals, scrapbook paper, markers, anything to do with pen & paper. Kind of ironic I'm typing this instead of writing it. ha,ha. I love it when it's August & our local Walmart starts putting school supplies out. I have to go down the aisles & buy a new composition book or two or three, & pens...oh the selection of pens. :) I will also buy a new calendar...yep, half way through the year. A girl can never have too many calendars.

     This brings us to Smash*. They are basically a scrapbook / journal. I like the different versions they offer. I bought the pink one. I should have kept my wrapper which was on it & of course I threw it away asap. I did however take photos of my Smash* book.

     Here's the pics I took:

This is my pink Smash* book. See the pen attached to the book? Guess what? One one end is a pen & the 
other end is a glue stick!!! How awesome is that? You can glue photos, receipts, concert ticket stubs, etc. 

My pink book as a vintage feel to it. The papers remind me of the 70's. :)

I love pretty floral patterns. 

The paper is very thick compared to scrapbook paper. The pages feel like poster board or a little thicker. 

I love the patterned papers. 

This is so pretty.... I 
I took these pics while sitting in please excuse the bad lighting!

I just LOVE my Smash book*!!!!

Now to start adding items!!! I haven't decided on a theme or which photos to use. I'm thinking!!!!

 Now to add the other colored Smash* books. 

I bought this one at Michael's it was around $12.00. It just happened to be 20% off that day. Plus I had a coupon I found online for $5.00 off anything above $5.00 plus sales tax!!!! Wowser, it was my lucky day. Especially since I printed two coupons and told the cashier I two separate purchases. :) I found some scrapbook stickers on sale too. I left Michael's a happy happy girl!!!!

So go on. Go out & by yourself a Smash* book or two!!