Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sarah's 21st Birthday Party!

     This past Saturday, March 24th  we helped Sarah (my daughter in law) celebrate her 21st bday! This will be memorable for Sarah because it's their first family / friends gathering at their home since marrying 12/31/11!! How exciting is this? I honestly can't remember "our" first get together at our home. So maybe this will help be a reminder for Sarah. :)

The view from their carport.

     Sarah & Colby planned the menu of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. :) Sarah made her family tradition of gator dip! No it doesn't have gator in it but it does have hamburger, cheese, cream of mushroom soup, & rotel tomatos. It's delish!! Also chips, dip & all the trimmings for hamburgers & hotdogs. I personally loved my hotdog topped off with...coleslaw!! I have just gotten hooked on this thanks to my sister-Karen!

     My sister in law - Amy made Sarah's cake. She made a chocolate peanut butter cake. It was very very good! She even used some chocolate molds to make the cake topper!

     It did rain Saturday on and off all day, but that didn't stop family & friends from coming to celebrate with Sarah. Colby set his grill and table & chairs up under his pole barn. Sarah had another table & chairs set up under the carport. Also there were rocking chairs set up on their front porch. I personally love Sarah's tire swing which Colby & Chuckie put up for her the week before. I will say it was a hit with the kids too. :)

My boys aka Brandon & Colby. There's something awesome about
brotherly love. :)

Colby has turned out to be a great griller! Who would have know? Hehehehe.

Uncle Dennis had to supervise!

Whitney & Amy trying to stay dry!

Uncle Chuck Chuck holding Kason..Almost time to try out the tire swing.

Brooke & Brianna...pretty little girls. :)

Time to swing!!!!!!!!! The kids absolutely loved it!
I remember playing on our tire swing when I little kid. Good memories.


Whitney & Sarah....

Stacey hanging out with her girls....

Sarah & her Grandam Wesley.....

Time to open presents....

Hayley, one of Sarah's friends since high school drew this beautiful art for Sarah!
Such a thoughtful & priceless gift. Hayley is very talented!!

"Love" picture frame..

We ended up going inside after people left & watched & laughed at Sarah & Whitney
playing Dance on the Wii. If I had moves & rythem I would have loved to try it out..but
since I have neither I didn't dare try! (maybe @ home alone. just maybe!)

Happy 21st Birthday Sarah. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

What Happens When You Have a L.o.V.e. for Cocker Spaniels & Pinterest?

     What happens when you L.o.V.e. Cocker Spaniels & your addicted to Pinterest? You can find an awesome friend, just like I did!. It all started when I started "following" other people on Pinterest by the name of "Amy". No I'm not a stalker .....I  thought it would be neat to see if any of the Amy's and I had the same interests. Well I confirmed it!! I found Amy N. when I noticed her boards had the same items I liked.

I have a board on Pinterest labeled "Cute Doggies"  . I would find pics of cute doggies and pin them to my Cute Doggies board. While on Amy's site I noticed a couple of adorable cocker spaniels. I thought Amy had just "pinned" them to her board, thinking she found them on someone eles site. Little did I know that these beautiful Cocker Spaniels belonged to her!!!! I left a comment about how cute they were. In the next few days I pinned a few pictures of Newman & Ollie (our Cocker Spaniels) and she commented on them about how what handsome fellas they were!

These few comments started it all. Soon we exchanged email addresses and the emails have been flowing in like you wouldn't believe! I feel very blessed to have met Amy!!! We are both amazed at how many similarities we have. Both of our names are Amy, she has two sons as I do too, she has two Cocker Spaniels and so do I,& we also like so many of the same things too. It's has been a total pleasure getting to know Amy!!! She has a hubby named Eskil, two boys: Ryan & Ethan, Zoey & Sofie their Cocker Spaniels. They live in the state of Washington on an inlet on the Puget Sound Bay! Oh how I've enjoyed seeing photos of the water and of her furry babies!!! My Newman & Ollie would be best friends with Zoey & Sofie if we only lived closer. :)

I even received a care package from Amy!! This happens to be the first care package I've ever received so I totally loved the idea of receiving one. :) It took a week for my package to arrive.
Amy sent me such sweet gifts. My care package included make up, hair color, doggie treats, a magnet in the shape of a bone that says "wag more bark less", finger nail polish,
I totally loved everything!! Amy said, "I looked on your blog to check out the color of hair you had so I'd knew what color of hair coloring to send you!" There was even a hand writtin letter from Amy and she used a card with the intital "A"....just so appropriate! :)

Here's a few pics of Amy, Sofie & Zoey:

I think this is such a sweet photo of Sofie. I totally love her bumper pad that
has been placed in her crate! You can tell she has a sweet Mommy. :)

Here's a pic of Amy. The first time I saw this pic, I thought to myself, "this looks like a very sweet &
kind lady" & I was totally correct!!

Here's Miss Zoey. She looks adorable!!

Sofie sunning & sleeping. I could just kiss her beautiful little face.

Sofie all dressed up!

Zoey relaxing by the water. Oh how I'd love to be sitting by her!

Sofie & Zoey all ready for trick or treating! They are just the cutest little girls ever!

The girls relaxing on the porch. Don't they have the life?

Aren't these just the cutest pics of Sofie & Zoey? They are very photogenic!
I can't wait to get to know Amy even better than I do now. :) I really look forward to her emails & pics! We have talked on the phone once so far. Sure many more chats are on the way. :)

Thank you Pinterest & our love of Cocker Spaniels who brought us together!

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Heart Melts

     I love getting txts from my family & friends. It's so nice to be able to txt because sometimes I just don't feel like know what I mean? It's great way to communicate. :)

 I received a txt  from my sister Saturday evening which is nothing new. It was a picture which I love to receive because I know it's going to be a pic of my sweet little nephew- Kason. Those pics are always just the best. I so L.o.V.e. this little fella.

     Well she sends me this txt that says, "Kason, wanted his owl to take a bath with him!!" She told him he couldn't ...she would have to wait on him. Here's the pic:

His owl was sitting on his stepping stool which was sitting right by his bath tub. How sweet is that? She sat right there and waited on him.

Kason had to give his owl some sugars before he even dressed!! He sure loves her. They've been calling her "ewwcy" which = Lucy. He can't quite make the "l" sound yet. :)
This whole txt just melted my heart. I love Kason so very much and I'm so glad we have such a close relationship. I love being his "Aim Aim'. Thank you Karen for sharing this sweet sweet moment. I know it's crazy busy for keeping up with such an active 2 year old. You always make my day by taking time to send my pics of your little man!

Friday, March 9, 2012

30 Days of Lists: Day 9 / Happy Places!

     Happy Places...who doesn't like to think about this?  I loved writing my list....and still have more to add!

Here's my list:

What would your list of Happy Places consist of?

30 Days of List: Day 8: Things I Need to Say NO to!

     This was kind of a hard one for me...."Things to Say No To"....

What would you write down as your list to say NO to? C'mon....share with me! :)

Day 7: I Am Inspired By

     Day 7: I Am Inspired By:

What are you inspired by? I'd love to know!

Day 6: Things to Collect

Day 6: Things to Collect

I'm sure I'll probably find more items to add to this list. :)

Day 5: Words To Live By

     I"ll be adding more to this list... :)

Words to Live By:

Words to Live By....What are you favorite words to live by?