Friday, September 21, 2012

Hunting Season 2012

     We will not be starving any time soon! Colby and Brandon went hunting with their bow and arrows in tow. Colby was the first one to call his Dad, saying he had hit a buck. Chuckie & I were at his parents house so we were just down the road from the hunting woods. When we got to the woods we drove to Colby's tree stand. I stayed in the truck with the windows rolled up and the air conditoning on was HOT and mosquitos were everywhere! Chuckie and Colby had to look for the deer because it ran off. The bad part about hunting with a bow is sometimes you do not kill the deer, you only wound him and then it runs off never to be found. This wasn't the case today. They found him not far from where Colby shot him. This deer was a 3pt. Colby was thrilled!!

This picture was taken a couple of weeks before bow season started. Colby was ready for hunting season to start.

Brandon brushing up on his bow skills 

Colby and his 3 point....

     Chuckie's cell phone rang & it was none other than Brandon calling to say he killed an 8pt!! This is the biggest deer Brandon's ever killed. Brandon was so proud!! He's planning on having this one mounted! This will be Brandon's first deer he's ever had mounted on a plaque.

Brandon & his 8 point....

     I am so glad I was able to be there and take pictures of this exciting moment. I told Chuckie when we were headed back to the house, if I'd been working at my old job, I would have missed this moment. Working from home has made me appreciate family time so much more and all the things I'm able to be here for. 

Brandon's checking out Colby's skinning skills. Colby works at my parents (his grandparents) meat shop. So he has this down pat!

     Brandon went hunting again this week and killed another 8pt!! Unbelievable, but he did. This deer was unique because he was colored differently than normal deer. This one was colored brown and white! Brandon's planning on having this one mounted too.

     This is the first hunting season where Brandon killed a deer with his bow. I believe Colby killed one last year with his bow. Hopefully they're on a roll because we all love vension! It's nice to know we will not be starving any time soon. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Simple Days are the Best

     Last week I spent the day babysitting my sweet little nephew. He's amazes me with his manners. He almost always says, "yes'mam", he says the prayer for our food when we eat lunch and he has the heart the size of Texas!

Kason's best friend is "Ollie" which is a little stuffed doggie I gave him several months ago. He does not go anywhere without his little Ollie. Kason gest a treat when he goes potty, which is usually a skittle (one piece). He always gives Ollie the first bite!! Or if gets a lolly pop, Ollie gets the first taste. He understands the concept of leaving Ollie in the car if we stop at the grocery store so he doesn't get lost in the store. :) He's pretty good at reasoning. Since last week I bought him another little doggie which he named "Old Yeller", now he has two to keep up with. I'm sure Karen is just thrilled!

Kason and I had so much fun sitting out on the front porch blowing bubbles. I forgot how much they are. He had the best time trying to catch the bubbles on his wand and then reblowing them!! I had fun snapping pics of him! He would ask me after I snapped a pic, "Aim Aim, did you get it?" I would say, "Yes, Kason I got your picture." Something as simple as blowing bubbles made me realize it's just the simple things in life that mean the most. I'm so very thankful for the time I get to spend with Kason because I know how fast time flies! Our boys or should say young men are 22 & 20 years old! I'm thankful for the job I have working at home. I am able to spend more time with Kason, my family & extended family & friends, more time to clean house, & have down time. I'm super duper thankful for my blessings. :)

Here's a few of the pics I took:

Kason loved his little cupcake! We each had one. :) 

Labor Day @ Atlanta Motor Speedway

   **I just realized I never published this post!! So here it is..just a little late!**

  We had a great Labor Day holiday spent at the Nascar Races. We left our home on Friday morning at 6:15am with my Father in laws Dodge Diesel and fifth wheel camper. We always camp in the middle of the Nascar track on turn one. We've been doing this for around 8-9 years now. Aunt Ruthie and Uncle camp right beside us so it's a family kinda of thing. Colby and Sarah went with Chuckie and I which was nice to spend several days with them. :)

     Our first stop on our way to Hampton, GA, was Cracker Barrel in Valdosta, GA. It's an Eastman tradition to stop at Cracker Barrel while on vacation. We just can't help it. Chuckie and I always order the french toast and bacon. Yummy! I love looking at all the items in the shop. This time around I did find me two shirts on the clearance rack! They were a whopping 70% off! I've never bought any clothes for 70% off at Cracker Barrel. I typically love their style of shirts and jackets but will never pay full price. I also found some cute owl items but I didn't buy any of them...instead I snapped a pic. ;) & now I can't find the pic! Ugggh!!!

 Our second stop was at Agri Supply. It's a guys kind of store & of course Colby and Chuckie loved every second of being in there. Sarah and I didn't mind because the next stop was "our" stop at Hobby Lobby. This is our tradition to stop at Hobby Lobby. We did it for the first time last year and we are continuing the tradition. :) Sarah found some cute stuff for their bedroom. The wood/metal shelf and pictures were even 50% off! Yes, we know how to find those deals & here the think we just say it's on sale!

     We arrived at the race track around 3:15pm. Aunt Ruthie, Uncle Gene & Amer arrived the day before so they were already set up. All I can say is it was HOT & HUMID! This race use to be held the weekend of Halloween which was nice because it was cool. They changed it a couple of years ago to Labor Day weekend. I wish it was still in October. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time in the camper where it was nice and cool!

     We always have grilled hamburgers, chicken and steak at the races. I think we are a family of traditions! Or either it is just plain ole' habits. It's good either way. We definitely do not go lacking for food, that's for sure. :)

  I spent a lot of time on the internet / facebook promoting my new business venture - selling Plexus Slim. I emailed lots of information to potential customers. I thoroughly enjoy talking about Plexus. To hear my most recent weight I've lost click HERE.

     We had a truck race on Friday night, Nationwide race on Saturday night and the big Nascar race on Sunday night. Chuckie, Colby & Sarah climbed on top of the camper all three nights to watch the race. I only got up there on Sunday night for a couple of hours. It's pretty neat to be inside the camper and hearing the cars zoom by..the sound and speed actually shakes the camper! It's like watching Nascar in 3D!

     We had such a fun time just hanging out and relaxing. It's nice to be able to do that sometimes. :) This was our vacation for the year. We left around 7:00am on Monday morning and yes, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. ;) We were home by 3:30pm. I look forward to going next year too. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Little Things in Life Are Really The Big Things

     I"m really enjoying working from home. I'm still learning how to balance housework & working from my desk. I really find it hard to stop working so I really need to work on that. I'm thankful I have found a product I can be passionate about and believe in 110%! I know my paycheck literally depends on how much work I put into my business. So I'm working hard! You can check out my latest POST & see how my first paycheck turned out. I was quite pleased to say the least! I'm trying to grow my blog and if it's something that interest you, please click on the follow button. :)

     I love to watch Good Morning America as I'm waking up. (no we don't have a tv in the bedroom. only because hubby insists we don't need one. we use to have one, but he didn't like it. me..i loved it!) So I have to walk  stumble to the living room. This morning, Newman wanted to sit with his Mommy. He weighs around 50lbs but he thinks he's a Chihuahua!! I love him so much and he's brought so much joy to all of us. I dread the day that he's no longer with us. So I try to enjoy every minute with him.

     Chuckie started working back here at the Trenton office on Friday! No more driving to Old Town / Cross City. That means we'll be saving lots of $$ on gas! We rent a house here at the Forestry Office so now all he has to do is walk out back and go to work! That also means he'll get to come home from lunch. That can be good and that can be bad. I'm not particularly fond of cooking and especially not two meals a day. I see lots of left overs and sandwiches in our future. ;)

     Last week my sister-Karen had a dentist appointment so Mom and I rode with her so we could watch Kason. We went to the Christian book store (one of our most favorite places to go!) and looked around. I should get an award because I didn't buy one thing! Afterwards, Karen dropped me, Moma & Kason off at Books A Million (another favorite place for Moma and I). Kason started to cry because he wanted to go with his Mommy. But I was carrying him and distracted him as went in the store. He had Ollie with him (I gave Kason a little brown cocker spaniel) which he carries everywhere! I asked him if he wanted to ride in the buggy (inside the cart) & he said, "yes, mam". This kid has such good manners! I pushed him over to the kids section and I saw some stuffed animal doggies. I asked him if he wanted to ride around with more doggies and he loved that idea. So I put around 5 doggies in his buggy, a raccoon, kitty cat, & elmo. He thought he was big stuff with all those animals in there.

 It's funny how when you get older you do things you wouldn't have done in your younger years as a Mama. I would have never done that with my kids when they were little!! When my Mom spotted us, she said, "are you really going to let him ride around with all of those animals? I told her, "yes, mam. He's not hurting anything & I'll put them back when we're finished." She just couldn't believe it! Kason had the biggest time riding with his animals. About 20 minutes into pushing him around, he said, "Aim Aim, my hiney is hurting, but it's okay because the doggies make me feel better." He just makes makes my heart happy! I said, "Kason, I'll buy you one doggie, okay?" He sorted through his puppies and decided on a little light brown puppy and he named him Old Yeller. Old Yeller is one of favorite movies! He started handing me back all of the other doggies..he wanted them out because he had his Ollie and Old Yeller and that's all he needed!!! Here's a pic of Kason and his two special doggies:

We ended the afternoon by eating supper at Cracker Barrel. It was delicious!! I had the chicken and dumplings, carrots and hashbrown casserole. Kason loves Nannies turkey breast. He at super duper good!

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my best friends which happen to be my Moma and sister. Of course spending time with my little nephew is one of my most favorite things to do! We had a simple afternoon spent together and enjoying each others company. I love being able to work from home. It gives me extra time to spend with my family and I'm very thankful!!