Friday, June 25, 2010

We went to Santa Fe Community College Tuesday June 22, 2010 and toured the campus with Brandon!!! I only took a few pictures because I didn't want to embarrass Brandon or aggravate him. Like he said, "Mom, this isn't kindergarten." I know he's right BUT I'm wanting to document this stage in his life. Chuckie and I didn't go to college so this is a BIG deal to us! If you don't snap a picture the moment is gone except for what's in your memory and with the way my memory is going I'll be forgot the details in 10 years!!
When we walked in the Admissions Office they had a sign sitting on the counter welcoming Brandon! I was really surprised by that. So while Chuckie was signing a document, I snuck the camera out so Brandon wouldn't see it and yep, I took a picture! But I didn't take any other pictures except for taking one of the flag and one while we were walking back to the front of the building. If y'all know me, that's not too bad!!!