Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colby & Sarah Are Engaged ~ October 24, 2010

     Colby & Sarah had a pretty amazing day Sunday October 25, 2010.  Colby took Sarah to Steinhatchee Falls on Sunday afternoon for a picnik & suprised her & proposed to her!!
      Sarah called me on my cell phone & told me Colby had proposed to her!! She was thrilled! As soon as we hung up a thought occured to me: oh no, they don't have anyone there to take pictures of them & this is a once in a life time event! So I sent Colby a txt (I didn't want to call & put them on the spot) & asked him if they wanted me to come take pics of them. It wasn't long & my phone was ringing! Colby called me & said, "you would drive way down here?" Of course I said, "Yes, I would!" He said, "Sarah, would love you too!" I was almost home, so I hurried & changed clothes & headed to Dixie County!I was honored to be able to be able to capture their moment on camera! In about 30 years Colby & Sarah will cherish these pictures even more than they do right now!!!
    I arrived at Steinhatchee Falls around 2:45pm. I took lots & lots of pictures. Luckily Sarah likes pictures too because she had several ideas of how she wanted them to pose. {I've go to do some research to so I can be more prepared for future photo shooots!}
    Here's a few pictures Colby & his fiance Sarah:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink Friday @ Work

Today was delcared Breast Cancer Awareness Day at work! This is in honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Tina asked us if we wanted to wear pink on Friday and we all agreed. Here's our pic of us together:

From left to right: Tina, Jean, myself & Jenna
I do have a shirt on & not a dress. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

I created these pics at http://www.picnik.com/
This is a great site that is free for most of the editing items. You can pay $4.95 a month to have access to all the features they offer.
I will not print & frame a picture without using picnik first! After creating a few pictures with the editing tools it will make you want to use it every time!
Here is Newman & Ollie with their Halloween Masks that I put on them. Thankfully for them they are not "real" costumes!!

                                                   This is Ollie:

                                                   This is Newman:

Our Beautifully Groomed Cocker Spaniels

This past weekend Chuckie took our Cocker Spaniels, Newman & Ollie to the Dog Shoppe to see Ms. Kathy. Chuckie & I have a system. I schedule their appointments for Saturday between 7:00 - 7:30 am & he drops them off on his way to work & then I pick them up. Newman & Ollie have their own schedule too. When Chuckie takes them into the shop Newman runs right to his spot: the bottom cage!! Then Ollie runs to the desk chair because he has paper work to do!! That is their routine every single time they visit The Dog Shoppe. They both have been going there since they were puppies. So they are totally use to it.
I try to always take pictures when I get home because they look so beautiful after being groomed. Ms. Kathy does such a great job. She says the boys behave very good. That is good to know. I guess I have taught them well. :)
Here's a few pictures of Newman & Ollie:

                                            Newman & Ollie sporting their red bandanas.

Our sweet boy......

This is how Newman begs to have his tummy scratched!!! I may be busy on the computer & I'll glance over beside me & this is how Newman will be sitting!!! We  are so lucky to have Newman & Ollie. We are definitely proud to be their parents. :)