Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fear of Crashing

      No I'm not talking about fear of crashing while I'm flying, not that I've ever flown before! I would love to one day, like maybe if we ever fly to Hawaii or Alaska. I'd rather cruise on a ship to Alaska. Wait, maybe we could fly to Washington then cruise to Alaska. Wow, that sounds like a brilliant idea. Ummm, maybe for our 25th Anniversary present to one another! I think we had better start saving NOW!
     I have a fear of my computer crashing...deleting all my photos forever & ever! I've been trying to  upload pics from my computer to Shutterfly every few months, just in case my computer crashes. Then I'll have an extra set else where. They offer free unlimited photo storage. They also offer another free service called My Share Site. Once you sign up for your free Shutterfly account, you upload yours pic to individual albums and then separate from those pics you create your Share Site. It's really a very nice way to have an extra place for your photos to be just in case your computer does accidentally crash!
     It's a very nice way for relatives & friends to view your photos and order pics at their discretion. They can then choose which photos they want. I've been using Shutterfly for quite a while and I love the quality of the photo developing. It's so much better than Walmart!! Their prices are reasonable and I always receive my photos before I'm expecting them!!
     If you don't have a Shutterfly site, I do recommend one. At least you'll be able to sleep at night knowing your photos are safe!
Here are few photos from several years ago:
Wow how time flies. These pics are from 2004~Colby & Brandon riding horses at 
Nannie & Pa's house. 
Oh how I love looking at older photos, but at the same time it makes me so sad!! My little
boys aren't little anymore!!!! The time just flies by too fast.
For all of you that have little one PLEASE try to enjoy each & every
moment. :)

My Daddy aka Pa and cowboys!! 

Brandon, Pa & Colby. Look how little my Brandon is!!!! Awwww. I just 
wanna cry. Oh how I love my boys!!!

I will probably end up adding more pics to this post very soon. ;)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Part Two to Christmas 2011

     Christmas day fell on a Sunday this year. Unfortunately Chuckie had to work. We attended worship services just like we do each  Lord's Day. After services I drove back to the house to load up presents. I was not organized at all this year. (Note to self: do better in 2012!) I knew we were going to celebrate Christmas this year at my sister's house. So that would mean loading everything up and carrying it to their house. Doesn't sound so bad does it? Well it wouldn't have been had I not waited until Christmas morning to put items in their gift bags! I was going to wrap items Saturday night, but realized I did not have any tape!!!
     Luckily Brandon came back to the house too and helped me load up all the presents. :) Karen fixed chili and we also had hotdogs. I tried my first chili cheese dog! My sweet sister even fixed it for me! I liked it a lot. You know food always taste better when someone else cooks it!

 We all had so much watching Kason open his presents! It just makes me realize how special each and ever moment is because they grow up so fast. It's just the simple things in life like watching Kason get so exited over his toys. 
As of today Monday 12/26/11 this is by far Kason's favorite toy! Good job 
Nannie & Pa!

Kason is loving his tent!!

Yes, this is my 6ft. son Colby in Kason's little tent! I just love this pic!

Look, Colby & Brandon do get along!

Colby wearing his Florida Gator sun glasses....Sarah checking out her present...

Aunt Karen bought Colby & Sarah a beautiful Christmas ornament of a Bride & Groom!

Go Gators!!!

Our sweet Newman. :)

Our sweet Ollie. 

Chuckie & I...

Clothes for Christmas is always good!

Cute pic of the love birds!

Pa & Kason...Kason knows how to cheese!

Uncle Chuckie & Kason....

Karen's beautiful Christmas tree!

Oh wow, a pop up tent!

Uh oh, Colby's doesn't know what he's in for!

Colby was such a good sport! I asked me to please do the Home Alone scene... I did ask Brandon too, but he refused! :(

My first attempt to do Bokeh!!! Not too shabby, huh?

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday season! I know we sure did!!! Now to bring on a fantastic 2012!!! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for the Eastmans'!!! :)

Christmas 2011

     Our Christmas started out Friday night with dinner at my mother & father in laws house. I had to work until 5:00pm so I wasn't able to help prepare any of the food. Frances had everything cooked when I arrived. Chuckie, Brandon, Colby & Sarah were already there too.
     Before we ate supper, Frances told Colby & Sarah they had a wedding present for them. They ordered them a new washing machine from Lowe's. It will be delivered next week! They gave Sarah the sheet which described what they were getting. She started crying then Frances started crying. It was oh so sweet because she was genuinely thankful. :)

     Frances baked a ham (one of my personal favorites!),  home made: scalloped potatos, mac n cheese, freshly baked bread & green beans!!! We all ate entirely too much! But oh was it good. :)
    We weren't suppose to exchange gifts with Richard & Frances, but they surprised us and got us gift cards to Outback, then for Sarah & I a gift card to Old Navy & the guys gift card to Gander Mountain. :) You can tell where we will be eating soon!!! We were very thankful for our surprised gifts.
                                                Stay tuned to Part Two tomorrow!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

     I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. I'm planning on enjoying each and every moment. We are having Christmas supper tonight at my inlaws, Richard & Frances's house. We are having a baked ham, scalloped potatos and other items but can't remember at the moment. I do know it will be scrumptious!
     Saturday will be a day spent wrapping presents & cleaning house. Sunday Chuckie has to work but we will be going to church like normal then have Christmas lunch at my sister & brother in laws house. Luckily Chuckie works only a few miles from their house so he will be able to come eat lunch with us. :)  It is going to be so much fun because my little nephew, Kason is 21 months old & this will be the first Christmas that he is going to totally enjoy & have fun unwrapping presents! Christmas is so much fun when there are little ones around. Karen is fixing chili & slaw dogs. Karen & Moma are also making desserts! So we will definitely have something for our sweet tooth. I might try a slaw dog. Karen loves them & she thinks I will too. :) Brandon, Colby & Sarah will be there too.

I had high intentions on mailing out Christmas cards BUT it just didn't happen this year. Oh well. Maybe I should send out Happy 2012 cards. Ummm, there's an idea. No promises! So here's the pic I would have used if I had sent out Christmas cards out:  (by the way, my sister in law, Amy took this awesome photo at my in laws house on Thanksgving Day).

"Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after" (credit source

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Only 9 Days Away!

     I can hardly believe it - in 9 days Colby will marry his Sarah. I will inherit a daughter. Lives forever changed.  Oh how one day they can look back on my little ole blog and see their photos of while they dated here. (yes those photos came from your facebook page, Sarah!), then they were engaged here, then it was time for Save the Date photos here & then it was time for Sarah's Bridal Shower here.
     I'm so glad I've gotten more serious about blogging. These memories are documented right here! It will be very special for them to read years down the road.
      Colby and Sarah went to school together from Kindergarten all the way to graduation without ever dating!!! I even worked for Sarah's mom as a preschool teacher at Kids World when Colby was 6 years old! Who would have thought back in 1996 Colby & Sarah attending elementary school & after school daycare that they would be getting married in 2011?
     Colby & Sarah are made for one another. They are alike in so many ways but then are totally different in other ways. I think they balance one another out. They have the common love for simplicity, the outdoors, & one another.
     Colby has always been called our nature boy ever since he was old enough to walk! He did not want to be cooped up inside with his Moma that's for sure! He's loved tractors and four wheelers his whole entire life. It's very fitting that Sarah and her bridesmaids are going to ride to the ceremony in a  flatbed trailer sitting on bales of hay that is being pulled by a  Ford tractor. This is just not any tractor either. This happens to be a Ford tractor that burned down in my parents barn several years back. Colby & Grandpa Eastman restored the tractor fully. Actually it looks even better than before it got burned! So it's very special that Colby & Sarah share a bond with loving all things country.
     Sarah actually lived at the end of our dirt road from the time Colby was 1 year old & up until Colby & Sarah's was in 6th grade.  Yes, just a little ironic!!
     I'm praying for good weather especially since the wedding will be held outside. They are getting married at Otter Springs .Their reception will be held in the lodge at the springs. It's very rustic & even has a stone fireplace that is huge! I have no doubt it will be a beautiful wedding. :) We are hosting the rehearsal dinner at Otter too so we will have access to the lodge. We are having Akins Barbque cater the food which will consist of sliced pork, smoked chickens, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, rolls & sweet tea. It should be good ole' country food. I'm going to order a cake from Publix.
     I can't wait to write about the wedding and post photos! They have hired a photographer, but I will be taking photos too of all the special little things which will be everything. I promise I am going to enjoy the ceremony and not get hung up on taking photos. I tell myself that is why they hired a photographer. ;)

     Note to Colby: I love you more than you'll ever know. I'm so proud of the young man you have become. I am proud of you because you are you. You are such a hard worker and just love giving it all you have. I know you are going to make Sarah a great husband. That I have no doubt whats so ever. Just remember to always go the extra mile and that will help both of you in so many ways. Always say your sorry. Never go to bed angry or at least try not too and if you do talk about it asap. You never know when your words will be the last as we are not guaranteed another breath. Take time for just the two of you. Enjoy this time together before you have children. For this time you will not get back. Just because you get married don't stop writing notes to Sarah. Every woman loves a hand written note. Take time to thank her. Don't just expect things. Help her, love her and make her feel special each and every day. It's the little things in life that are the most treasured. 
     I'm so excited for you and Sarah as y'all start this magnificent journey as husband and wife! I love you both very much. I hope y'all have a wonderful time on your honeymoon. It's such a very special time. Y'all take plenty of pics because after the honeymoon all you will have left is your memory & photos!
Always remember to put God first. Please read and study each & every word. Our salvation depends on what God says we must do. I love you so much Colby & only want the very best for you!
     Note to Sarah: I'm so glad to finally get a daughter - you. I must say years ago I just knew I would have a daughter and maybe one son. Honestly when I was pregnant with Colby & then with  Brandon I just knew they were girls! Even after the sonogram & the dr. telling me I was carrying a boy I really deep down thought they would be wrong. I really thought up until the doctor announced I had given birth to a little boy that by some chance they would say, " we made a mistake, it's a little girl!" That is how bad I've wanted a daughter. I knew we could only afford to have two children if I were to continue to be a stay at home Mom, so I accepted the fact that I wasn't to have a daughter. It wasn't until years later that the thought crossed my mind that one day  when Colby & Brandon get married I would then have two daughters!! So that day has come that I finally will get my daughter - you. It's going to be so much fun having a daughter to buy for and care for. I love you now but know that in years to come that love is only going to grow. :) I don't have any doubt that you will make Colby a great wife. I'm always just a phone call away or a 25 minute ride away if you need anything. :) A lot of what I wrote Colby above can apply to you too. :) Just remember I love you. 
     It goes to show you that God always knows whats best for us because I realize now I was meant to have two sons. Now our lives will be taking a new road. Our family is growing which is an absolute blessing. :)

     I thought I'd share some photos of Colby & Sarah throughout their dating:

I really can't wait to see the photos from Colby & Sarah's wedding. I know they will turn out beautiful. I  also can't wait to write / blog / document about their wedding day. I want it to be just perfect for them. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just a Few Special Photos

     These photos are from this past Saturday while my Mom, sister & little nephew spent time together browsing in consignment shops & eating good ole southern food. I snapped these pics and they tell a story of how much Kason loves his Nan Nan as Kason calls her that since he can't quite say, "Nannie". If truth be known I think he could call her anything and she would come running! :)

                      Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting.  ~Author Unknown

Kason taking a break with his Mom...but watching
someone else very closely!! Who??

Kason in action but running to......who??

His Nan Nan aka Nannie. He sure loves  her that is for sure!
He is a lucky little fella to have so many people who LOVE him
so very much!!! It's neat having a little one around again since my boys
are 19 & almost 22 years old.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Traditional Christmas Luncheon....

     Saturday, December 17, 2011 was a day spent with my sweet Moma, sweet sister & my sweetie pie nephew Kason!
Kason giving his Mommy some sweet sugars! 

Kason playing with his Sock Monkey ornament that I bought him!

 We started the day out by heading to Alachua and going in our favorite consignment shops. I am always on the look out for books &Corning Ware Dishes like these:

You can purchase these at this awesome Awesome Etsy Store called FunkyJunkyVintage!
We ate lunch at our most favorite place: The Ivy House in Alachua, Florida. They have good ole Southern Cooking. It just doesn't get any better than this:

We ordered Krispy Chicken which is what The Ivy House is know for! There was no disappointment! We also ordered their famous vanilla milk cake. It was so delicious! Kason really loved it too. He is definitely my sisters' son!

Group pic which our waitor took of us. (My family knows
I'm not beyond asking our waitor to snap a pic of us!!)

Kason found a Tonka tractor at one of the consignment shops we visited. Doesn't every little boy need a classic Tonka tractor? Well we thought he did too!

We had a wonderful day spent just relaxing and taking our time.

I Love this pic!! Kason grabbed his Mommy's hand & he then he wanted
Nan Nan's hand aka Nanny!

My sweet Mom & I...Yes I took this pic myself! me! Not 
half bad, huh?

Kason enjoying some time just looking around!

When Kason gets sleepy it's time to find his Mommy's hair!
Check out the way Kason sucks on his pacifer! Yep, he sucks
it in the bottom of his mouth. His Pediatrician says she can honestly say she's never
seen a baby hold it this away!!

He even will hold Nanny's hair if his Mommy isn't around! :)

     We even ended up at The Oaks Mall. Only because I had received an email from American Eagle saying they were having a one day sale with 40% off the entire store! I honestly have never heard of a 40% off sale at American Eagle!! So needless to say we had to do a little shopping!! Our line to check out consisted of approx. 25 people ahead of us. I will say it went pretty fast; having five registers going did really help.

"Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!!!

I will post tomorrow a set of three photos that I just love. Just hang tight!