Sunday, August 26, 2012

I have a new weight loss journey!

I wanted to let everyone know that I've created a new blog to keep up with my weight loss journey since starting Plexus Slim! If you'd like to check it out, here it is:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Newman's Before & After Pics!

     To say we've been tight on money since May is an understatement. One of the things we've cut back on is taking our two Cocker Spaniels to the groomers. This isn't so bad for Ollie because his fur doesn't grow too fast. Newman, on the other hand, is a totally different story. He grows facial hair faster than anyone I know!! I joke around that he tries to grow a mustache and beard! 

     This Mama has attempted to give him a hair cuts. Honestly, I have. I end of being able to trim every where except his face and that's the place he needs it the worst! Newman ends up looking worse than before I started!!

     I finally broke down and made made Newman a grooming appointment! ( a true Mama thing, because I made him one before I've made my hair appointment!)  =) 

I was so excited yesterday morning to go pick him up! I knew he was going to look so handsome. We have a local groomer named, Kathy, who is awesome!! Newman knows his little cage is on the bottom (probably because he's too heavy to lift!) and he will run straight to it and hop in it! I was amazed the first time I seen Newman jump in his cage, because this baby of ours has never ever been in a crate / pen before!

     Here's where Newman goes to the Groomer:

     Here's his before pic:

     Check out Newman's after pic:

     I love this little fella more than I ever knew I could love a doggie. He came into my life when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and was at my lowest point in my life. I felt horrible and was completely down in the dumps. My sister - Karen & Robin who are two of my bestest friends ever, went in together to buy me a cocker spaniel because I had been wanting one and they knew he would lift my spirits! That December 1st 2005, did change how I felt...Newman lifted my spirits and has given me unconditional love that I never knew existed. I told my hubby last night as Newman sat in my lap, "how will my life ever be the same when something happens to him?" I try not to think about it, but oh, I do. That's why I snap thousands of pics of my little sweet heart. :)

     This sums pretty much sums it up:

( I found this via Pinterest!)

(This was also found via Pinterest)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blessings / Rheumatory Doctor

 Today I had my standing 3 month Dr. appointment with my Rheumatory Dr. He asked how I'd been feeling and I started telling him how much better I've felt in years. I told him I started taking Plexus Slim & the Accelerator. I explained to him how I now have energy, I feel better; as in the Fibromyalgia not hurting near as bad as it normally does and I've lost 16 lbs! He was amazed to say the least. 

Dr. Lloyd asked if I had it with me, so I showed it to him and the ingredients in the Plexus Slim. He read it all and said it looked fine to him. He then asked me if I had any brochures or business cards that he could have! He said he would put them in each examining rooms. He said, "if it had helped me, then it may help others." I was in total shock! I know I keep saying this but I'm going to say it again: I am so very thankful I've found Plexus Slim, not just for me but also for others. I've also said this many times in the past few weeks: I would take Plexus Slim & the Accelerator even if I didn't lose one single pound. It's worth it to me to feel alive again and to have energy. 

After my appointment I walked to my car and wanted to cry, scream with joy but instead I prayed to God thanking him for watching over me, guiding me, letting me feel better and for prayers that have been answered. I know my parents have told me they have prayed for me every day for the longest time, hoping I'd find relief from Fibro. 

Dr. Lloyd said he couldn't wait to see me in three months for my next appointment. I told him I couldn't wait either because there would be less of me. :)

If you would like to start your journey with Plexus Slim, you can email me at:
or you can check my website out at: Plexus Slim
I wish I had the means to give everyone a three day sample because I know it can change your life like it's changed mine! 

Until Next Time ~

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Weight Loss Journey

When I started this journey with Plexus Slim - July 16th 2012 I was at my heaviest weight ever. I want to keep this real and be totally honest. So here it goes....

This pic was taken July 8, 2012 on our Anniversary outing. I was feeling horrible but yet wanted my pic taken to document our trip to Horseshoe Beach. When I got home and downloaded the pics I was shocked to see how extremely over weight I was. I thought to myself, "what has happened to me?" I felt like crying!! 
I weighed 267lbs heaviest weight ever! Even 9 months pregnant I only reached 170. So yes, I needed to make a change!

Full body view...July 2012......

This pic was taken in May 21, 2012 my 42nd Birthday. 

Here is this pic .I weigh 251lbs... 16lbs gone forever! I"m taking one step at a time. I keep telling myself that I didn't gain this weight over night. I've been eating healthier, smaller portions and drinking lots of water. Luckily with Plexus Slim, it curbs my appetite, makes me crave water and things like coke or orange juice just taste too sweet! Amazing! I have went from a size 20 to an 18 now in jeans. I'm wearing a 26-28 shirt / 3x. I long to be able to shop in a store without having to head to the plus size department! I have noticed with losing these 16lbs my low back doesn't kill me while washing dishes. I had gotten to the point where I would have to sit on our bar stool to wash dishes. 

I'm going to post my weight results weekly and take pictures. I typically weigh on Thursdays, so that is what I'll try to stick too.

 I am anxious to go to my Rhematory Dr. tomorrow ( i go every 3 months) and I want to see what their scales show! 

Until Next Time ~

My New Adventure: Plexus Slim

     My new adventure is Plexus Slim. Until four weeks ago, this company was unknown to me. If someone had told me I would be buying this product, selling it and able to write a testimony for this product, I really wouldn't of  believed them. (For the record I never thought I'd have a testimony to any weight loss product!)

     Let me tell you how Plexus Slim fell into my lap. Four weeks ago, a friend on facebook sent my sister and I a private message to let us know she knew a few customers who have Fibromyalgia & have taken Plexus Slim and said they felt better. I honestly was skeptical and really didn't think it would help, but I know Dawn personally and knew she wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't  known to be true. My sister, Karen, bought us each a three day sample. Karen could tell by the end of the first day that she felt better. It took me till day two to see a difference in how I felt and by day three, I was thinking, "there is really something to what Dawn  was saying." Karen ordered us another three day sample. Before  day three was up, Karen ordered us a 30 day supply!! 

I'm so thankful Dawn took the time to tell us about Plexus Slim. I'm just as thankful to Karen for buying us the sample packs and then the 30 day supply, because at this point, I had been out of work since May9th  due to my Fibromyaglia & Chronic Fatigue. 

As of  August 9th, 2012, I have lost 16lbs and I have had energy and the greatest part is, I've felt better. It's hard to put into words, how I am feeling since starting my journey with Plexus Slim. My pain level is decreased quite substantially. My energy level has went sky high. I would honestly take this product even if I didn't lose one single pound because to me it's worth it to have my life back because having energy and feeling better is awesome! I now realize how sick I've been. Sometimes it's like don't realize how bad off you were until you get better. Luckily that's where I'm at. :) 

I signed up July 16, 2012 and became an Ambassador for Plexus Slim and my life has already changed...for the better of course! If you would like information on how to start your weight loss journey or would like to have more energy and feel better, here's my information:

Until Next Time ~

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Exciting News Part Two!

     My goodness, good things been  happening to me! It's been an over load but I'm processing everything. I do apologize for being a major slacker in blogging. I think it's because a lot has happened in our life in the past few months. 

I'll start here: 

1.)  I filed for short term disability May 9th 2012.
2.) I had doctors appointments, dealing with feeling horrible (stupid Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue).
3.) Getting acclimated to being home which wasn't hard to do! It's been nice having time to let my body unwind.
4.) I decided to join It Works! body wraps. (My sister is currently selling this too & has had great results.) I needed to supplement my income so this was a great decision choosing It Works! Their products are awesome. 
5.) I was introduced to Plexus Slim. My sister had heard it was a great way to  lose weight but more importantly she had been told that people who have Fibromyalgia felt better! So she decided to buy a 3 day sample pack for me and herself. The rest is history! I will go into details either in this post or the next one. :)
6.) After 2 1/2 weeks I've decided to part with It Works! and focus directly on Plexus Slim. I believe I have found my calling!! I can't tell you how much I believe in this product, but I will try to explain! 
7.) I'm going to start posting my weight loss journey here on my blog.
8.) I'm going to focus on updating this blog regularly!
10.) I am very thankful for all these blessings God has given me. 
11.) It's amazing what we can live on when money is tight! I haven't had a pay check since May and we've made it. I'm very thankful for our family who have helped us out here and there. We appreciate everything so much. I am very thankful to be at home. I have time to rest, wash clothes, enjoy Chuckie's day off with him, I've had more time with family which is honestly priceless!! It's over whelming, but in a good way!
12.) I turned in my resignation to Shands. What a relief. No more driving to Gainesville each and every day. No more 12 hour days. What a blessing to be able to do that and to trust God that everything would work out. 
13.) I've become slightly addicted to Instagram. You can find me under amee2. It's a great way to have daily snippets of your life!

I can't wait to tell y'all about Plexus Slim!!!

Until Next Time~