Friday, December 12, 2008

Twilight..What More Can I Say?

I just found this post in my draft section. I'm not sure why I didn't getting around to posting it. I originally wrote this in Dec. 2008. So here it is:
The Twilight Series is an absolute must read for ones that love romance, mystery, and just plain entrapment!! Once I started reading Twilight...I went to Walmart and bought the next book in the series! I could not hardly put the book down! I didn't want to do anything else but read!!! My family couldn't understand the reason why I was so into these books. They actually thought I was just a little obsessed with vampires! Especially when I started talking about vampires playing "baseball"!! I told them they would just have to read the to which I'm sure my husband & two teenage boys will never read Twilight!! Luckily several of my close friends have read the book and now my sister is reading them too!!
Twilight is like no other book I've ever read. It really just pulls you in. And yes, I just love Edward! So Team Edward for me! When I'm in town and see a Volvo it makes me smile. (You will have to read the series if you don't know what that statement means!!)
This will undoubtly go down as my favorite books of all times, except for the Bible because it is my very favorite!


Ang said...

You go girl~~ You know how much I love it..:)