Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colby & Sarah Are Engaged ~ October 24, 2010

     Colby & Sarah had a pretty amazing day Sunday October 25, 2010.  Colby took Sarah to Steinhatchee Falls on Sunday afternoon for a picnik & suprised her & proposed to her!!
      Sarah called me on my cell phone & told me Colby had proposed to her!! She was thrilled! As soon as we hung up a thought occured to me: oh no, they don't have anyone there to take pictures of them & this is a once in a life time event! So I sent Colby a txt (I didn't want to call & put them on the spot) & asked him if they wanted me to come take pics of them. It wasn't long & my phone was ringing! Colby called me & said, "you would drive way down here?" Of course I said, "Yes, I would!" He said, "Sarah, would love you too!" I was almost home, so I hurried & changed clothes & headed to Dixie County!I was honored to be able to be able to capture their moment on camera! In about 30 years Colby & Sarah will cherish these pictures even more than they do right now!!!
    I arrived at Steinhatchee Falls around 2:45pm. I took lots & lots of pictures. Luckily Sarah likes pictures too because she had several ideas of how she wanted them to pose. {I've go to do some research to so I can be more prepared for future photo shooots!}
    Here's a few pictures Colby & his fiance Sarah:


Amy J said...

Hi Amee! I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog :) It's nice to meet you! How fun that you got to take your son's engagement pictures... what a wonderful blessings!! Congrats to the whole family :) and on to wedding plans!!

My name is Amee said...

Thank you Amy J!!! I'm glad you stopped by. :)
We are all so very excited!!