Monday, September 19, 2011

Nascar Race Trip Part 3

     We were able to sleep in on Saturday morning. Yay for that! Sarah & I slept in the big bed & Chuckie, Colby & Granny slept on the couch, blow up mattress & the table that makes into a bed. Sarah told me that I hogged the covers....LOL!! So the next night she made sure she had her own comforter. She fixed that situation!

While lounging around Sarah decided she would organize the kitchen! It was so nice for her to help out!! I'm thinking my kitchen could use some help. lol The joys of having a daughter. :)
Sarah made herself at home...she cleaned & organized the kitchen! I'm thinking I need her in my kitchen. :) I sure have missed out in having a daughter all these years. :)

My future daughter in law & I....   :)

Amer & his Grandpa (also our Uncle Gene)

My Mother in law & I....

Amer never minds getting his pic taken. :)

So sweet...Amer just sitting there watching the race cars go by.

You would think a forest ranger knows not to play with fire! lol

Chuckie, Sarah & Colby ready for the race to begin!

Sarah & Colby....

Hey y'all!!!

I love this pic...They Love each other so much. :)

Let the racing begin!

Sarah looking for Trevor Bayne! :):)

Just me! I'm all ready for church. :)

This is where Chuckie & I went to church Sunday morning. :) We heard such a good lesson. It's such a blessing to gather with fellow Christians!

I do have a few pics to post of our trip on the way back to Florida. I'll get them here soon.... :)

Until next time-