Sunday, February 5, 2012

Collages I Created Using Picasa!

     This has been a rough weekend thus far. I was sick in bed Friday & all day Saturday with a major Fibro flare up. I was so sick on Sat. I had to miss a wedding of a dear friend of  mine. :( I hate Fibro because you never know when it's going to show up. I'm still not feeling up to par today. I keep telling myself this too shall pass.
     On another note I'm so happy to have internet access back. We bought the Verizon hotspot / internet device. It was around $106.00 for the device and $50.00 a month to run & a one time $35.00 activation fee. This beats what we were paying. We had Hughes Net. What a rip off BUT when there was nothing else available in 2009 in our area at least we had a source of internet. Yes, we live out in the country & I wouldn't trade it for anything! :) We had to sign a two year agreement with Hughes Net so our bill started out around $70.00. YIKES! Then as time went on & our son & hubby each got a lap top the amount of gigs Hughes Net allowed was not enough for all three. So with increasing our download amount (they say surfing the internet is considering downloading) we were at $100.00 for just internet! So as soon I we finished our two year contract we cancelled the service. So now our bill is cut in half! Yay!!! Also Verizon is a lot faster than Hughes Net!

     So back to the title post! I LOVE using Picasa. It's fee by the way, so if you don't have it go ahead and download it!!
     Here's a few of my favorite collages I've created using Picas:

I really love these pics I took on my way home one evening. I am going to print them & 
frame them!! I think of heaven when I look at these pics. :) 

Here's my sweet little nephew Kason. He has a 2nd Bday next month on March 1st!
It's unreal how fast these 2years have flown by. 

Our furry children are such a comfort to us. Especially to me because they can tell
when I'm not feeling well. They want to sit right with me & if I lay down they are right there
with me. I sure love these little boys so much. (Newman is on the left & Ollie is on the right.)

Here's my son and daughter (in law) in their first house!!! I love it so much. It's a cracker house and they
are renting it at the moment. They live right down from Colby's Grandpa & Granny's house. :)
We've already ate supper with them!! I was so impressed. They hadn't been home for only a few days when they called us & invited us. They grilled hamburgers for us. It was so very good. 

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday. :)


Tania said...

Love the top sunset picture. Kason is a cutie. I know you love the time you get to spend with him. Looks like Colby and Sarah are enjoying the married life.

Carrie said...

So much to comment on. 1) hope you are feeling better. I had no idea you had fibro. I hear that is rough! 2) we use verizon hotspot too and i love it! 3) your sunset pics remind me of heaven! They are so good.

Coley said...

Love your collages! That sunset is gorgeous!