Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family, Four Wheelers, Golf Karts & Antiques

     Family days are such a blessing to have. We had an adventure Saturday beginning at 5:30am! in our son Colby & his wife Sarah, our other son Brandon, Whitney who is a friend of the family, Holly & Ty which is Sarah's Mom and brother and then Chuckie & I were all up bright and early! I even woke up early enough to color my hair. I just don't like my gray hair shining!

     Holly met us at 5:30 am and then we met up with the kids (like they are all ten years old..ha!) in Otter Creek which was on our way. We met Uncle Gene, Amer & Art in Brooksville at good ole' Cracker Barrell. It's kind of an Eastman tradition to have our breakfasts at Cracker Barrell. Chuckie and I typically order Moma's french toast and bacon. It's just he best!!! I also tried rasberry tea for the first time and I loved it!!

     We arrived at Fort Meade around 10:30am. They guys unloaded the three four wheelers and one golf cart. Colby was the lucky one to pull the flat bed trailer. He is one guy that loves to tow things.

     Luckily we had a four seater golf cart reserved thanks to my in laws. My low back could could not take walking all day! So I'm very thankful we had it to ride on. :)

     I had so much fun looking at all the antiques! I'm one of those kind of girls that when I see a price, I'm going to ask if they can take a lower price. ;) I figure it can't hurt. They will either say yes or no! It worked in my favor for two items I bought.

Here's a few of the things I bought:

I found a metal shelf that can be hung on a wall or it will sit on the counter. I extremeley loved the glass knobs on each end of the dowel. I like it's versality to use it in the kitchen with paper towels on it or hanging it in the bathroom with hand towels. Ummm, which should I do?
The lady selling it had $12.00 and I offered her $8.00 and she took it! She also has a glass bottle that I really liked and I bought it for $3.00 instead of the $5.00 she was asking. Yay for scoring a good deal.

Another fav item is a wooden table I spotted from the distance! Little did I know that it housed a Singer sewing machine! The table reminded me of one my Mom had when I was growing up. I remember her making a shirt one time. I still can picture us at the dining room table with the pattern and pins all strung out! Oh what sweet memories. :) I honestly don't have a clue as to what year the sewing machine is from. I'll have to investigate on google. The man had $50.00 on it but he showed us when you left the top of the table to pull the sewing machine up, one bolt was broken, so he dropped the price down to $25.00!!! It was SOLD to Amee. hahahaha. Now I have I just need to learn how to sew. Oh boy!!

Met up with the Colby, Sarah, Ty (he's in there you just can't see him), Whitney & Brandon. 

Brandon & Whitney....

Time to unload the four wheelers & golf kart. 

Sarah is ready to go find some antiques!

Chuckie and I..

Cute little John Deere tractor!!

I thought this was a cute little tractor! 

They called these Texas Taters. Boy were they good!

Here's the wooden table with the Singer sewing machine! 

They had some good butter pecan ice cream!

Love this pic!

Two sweetie pies!!

If my little nephew was here he would have been riding on this!!

Whitney just loved these orange trees!!! :)

I have not had time yet to take photos of my other deals. I will as soon as I take pics of them. It will probably be this weekend before I post. :) Stay tuned!