Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

     Valentine's Day did not go unnoticed at my home. I welcomed with open arms my dozen of red roses from my sweet hubby. He actually did surprise me by bringing them home on Monday night. He always picks out sweet cards. He says he stands there & reads them until he finds just the right one that says how he feels. I wouldn't let him take a pic due to the fact I was looking horrible from working all day and & I already had my pj's on! So I did the next best thing: I had Chuckie take my pic with my flowers on Valentine's morning. I did not rest good and it's obvious in the photo, but at least my flowers are pretty!

     Here's a couple of pics just in case you were wandering what the flowers looked like. ;)

I guess I am a girly girl because I do love pretty flowers and a sentimental card.

In case anyone was wandering, I did buy Chuckie a card & a Reese heart filled with Reeses. :) He also grilled steaks for us + Brandon for supper. Supper was ready when I arrived home from a long day at work. Steak & french fries was delicious. No pics though. Totally forgot!

I hope you and yours had a special Valentines Day!!!


Tania said...

Beautiful flowers and such a sweet husband to have dinner fixed when you got home from work.