Sunday, February 19, 2012

Newman and Ollie, Our Furry Boys

     Our furry boys are such a joy to all of us. We've had Newman since Dec. 2005 and Ollie came to us in July 2008. Newman was gift from my sister / Best Friend- Karen and my Best Friend- Robin.

Here's a little refresher: I had been dx with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue the summer of 2005 after being off work for a month and numerous trips to different doctors apppointments. I was feeling down and out and extremely exhausted. December 2005, Karen & Robin got together and decided they would buy me a Cocker Spaniel! I had recently found an ad online for several that were for sale. They told me they would buy me one!!! I was so shocked to say the least! I called the number that was in the ad and sure enough they had three left..all little boys which is what I wanted because Karen had a little boy cocker named Ollie and I fell in love with him!

     At this time I was working for Robin's family and she told me that I was going to take the next day off which was on a Friday and we (Robin, Karen & I) would go look at the spaniels and see if they were what I was looking for. I was so excited! I had already picked out his name:  Newman. I got that name from a Nascar driver: Ryan Newman #12 Alltel driver at the time. He is an awesome driver and he & his wife Krissie love dogs. So I wore my Newman #12 sweatshirt the morning that we left to go look at the Cocker Spaniels.

     I was so excited as we drove to Dunnellon. We finally arrived to look at the Cocker Spaniels. When we walked inside the Mommy & Daddy to the puppies were there too! There were three little boys. It honestly didn't take me long to figure out which one I wanted! I had my dream come true...I was getting my very own Cocker Spaniel named Newman!!! It was like a dream....a dream come true from my two Best Friends!!  It is honestly the best gift I've ever received except for having Colby & Brandon.

     I still say to this day, that Newman was just waiting for his Mommy to come pick him up. He fit perfectly in my arms and even fell asleep on our way home!!!! It was meant to be, no doubt!

     Chuckie, Colby & Brandon new I was going to look at the them but they didn't know for sure if I would get one. So when it was time to pick Colby & Brandon up from school Karen drove me there and I had Newman in the car with us! Brandon was the first to arrive at the car and he was just thrilled that we had a new little puppy! I was in the back seat with Newman and that's were Brandon got too. Newman acted like he had been with us for months. He was so happy to meet Brandon! Then it was Colby's turn to get to the car and he was just as excited to meet Newman!

     I can't even describe how much Newman is loved. He makes us all smile, laugh and we all love to love on him. At that time in my life he sure helped me. It helped coming home from work and he would greet me at the gate & was just so excited to see me.

     It's amazing but he was potty trained within a week!!!! I would lay newspaper in the kitchen and he would stay in there while we were at work. I would then come home at lunch time & let him out. Then we would all be home that afternoon around 4:30. At night time  he would sleep with me in the crook of my arms and when he would start wiggling I would take him out! That's how he was potty trained. I think he may have had one accident..maybe. Definitely not more than one! Unbelievable!! He was and is the best gift ever. :)

Here's a few pictures of the day Newman came into our life:

On our way home with my little Newman!!!!!!

Sleeping in his Mommy's arms!

Robin and I with Newman...

I wuv him so much .....

My sister with Newman....

Newman wrapped in his baby blanket from his Auntie Karen. We were
were at school waiting for Colby & Brandon to get to the car.

Newman was thrilled to meet Brandon! 

Newman loves his Auntie Robin!

Newman at home with us. He was one tuckered little fella!

Newman taking a nap. It's wuff being a little puppy!

Newman with his favorite toy that his Auntie Karen bought him. 

   Part two tomorrow about our adoption of Ollie. :) Stay tuned.


Tania said...

Cute little "fur babies" you have.

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Oh my goodness, that is cute overload!! What a sweetie!

I'm your newest follower and I found you through the Grow Your Blog blog hop! I would love for you to come visit me sometime! You have SUCH a cute blog!!

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Love your blog... and such a cute post!!

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