Thursday, February 9, 2012


     I've heard about it. I've seen photos of it. But have you seen it? This is the neatest / coolest thing since sliced bread. I'm lovin' Smash*.

     First, to appreciate how much I love it, you have to know a little about me. I'm in awwwwe over pens, paper, journals, scrapbook paper, markers, anything to do with pen & paper. Kind of ironic I'm typing this instead of writing it. ha,ha. I love it when it's August & our local Walmart starts putting school supplies out. I have to go down the aisles & buy a new composition book or two or three, & pens...oh the selection of pens. :) I will also buy a new calendar...yep, half way through the year. A girl can never have too many calendars.

     This brings us to Smash*. They are basically a scrapbook / journal. I like the different versions they offer. I bought the pink one. I should have kept my wrapper which was on it & of course I threw it away asap. I did however take photos of my Smash* book.

     Here's the pics I took:

This is my pink Smash* book. See the pen attached to the book? Guess what? One one end is a pen & the 
other end is a glue stick!!! How awesome is that? You can glue photos, receipts, concert ticket stubs, etc. 

My pink book as a vintage feel to it. The papers remind me of the 70's. :)

I love pretty floral patterns. 

The paper is very thick compared to scrapbook paper. The pages feel like poster board or a little thicker. 

I love the patterned papers. 

This is so pretty.... I 
I took these pics while sitting in please excuse the bad lighting!

I just LOVE my Smash book*!!!!

Now to start adding items!!! I haven't decided on a theme or which photos to use. I'm thinking!!!!

 Now to add the other colored Smash* books. 

I bought this one at Michael's it was around $12.00. It just happened to be 20% off that day. Plus I had a coupon I found online for $5.00 off anything above $5.00 plus sales tax!!!! Wowser, it was my lucky day. Especially since I printed two coupons and told the cashier I two separate purchases. :) I found some scrapbook stickers on sale too. I left Michael's a happy happy girl!!!!

So go on. Go out & by yourself a Smash* book or two!!


Samantha said...

A girl after my own heart! I love everything about office supplies and art and craft supplies. My mom works in a school and I volunteer to go in and help her organize supplies every summer - just because I love school supplies! And I've been known to choose a pen based on how it makes me feel. :)

Enjoy your Smash book!!