Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sarah's 21st Birthday Party!

     This past Saturday, March 24th  we helped Sarah (my daughter in law) celebrate her 21st bday! This will be memorable for Sarah because it's their first family / friends gathering at their home since marrying 12/31/11!! How exciting is this? I honestly can't remember "our" first get together at our home. So maybe this will help be a reminder for Sarah. :)

The view from their carport.

     Sarah & Colby planned the menu of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. :) Sarah made her family tradition of gator dip! No it doesn't have gator in it but it does have hamburger, cheese, cream of mushroom soup, & rotel tomatos. It's delish!! Also chips, dip & all the trimmings for hamburgers & hotdogs. I personally loved my hotdog topped off with...coleslaw!! I have just gotten hooked on this thanks to my sister-Karen!

     My sister in law - Amy made Sarah's cake. She made a chocolate peanut butter cake. It was very very good! She even used some chocolate molds to make the cake topper!

     It did rain Saturday on and off all day, but that didn't stop family & friends from coming to celebrate with Sarah. Colby set his grill and table & chairs up under his pole barn. Sarah had another table & chairs set up under the carport. Also there were rocking chairs set up on their front porch. I personally love Sarah's tire swing which Colby & Chuckie put up for her the week before. I will say it was a hit with the kids too. :)

My boys aka Brandon & Colby. There's something awesome about
brotherly love. :)

Colby has turned out to be a great griller! Who would have know? Hehehehe.

Uncle Dennis had to supervise!

Whitney & Amy trying to stay dry!

Uncle Chuck Chuck holding Kason..Almost time to try out the tire swing.

Brooke & Brianna...pretty little girls. :)

Time to swing!!!!!!!!! The kids absolutely loved it!
I remember playing on our tire swing when I little kid. Good memories.


Whitney & Sarah....

Stacey hanging out with her girls....

Sarah & her Grandam Wesley.....

Time to open presents....

Hayley, one of Sarah's friends since high school drew this beautiful art for Sarah!
Such a thoughtful & priceless gift. Hayley is very talented!!

"Love" picture frame..

We ended up going inside after people left & watched & laughed at Sarah & Whitney
playing Dance on the Wii. If I had moves & rythem I would have loved to try it out..but
since I have neither I didn't dare try! (maybe @ home alone. just maybe!)

Happy 21st Birthday Sarah. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!!


Carrie said...

I love family parties! And that tire swing is fantastic :)

Lisha said...

This blog is so full of love. I'm sure Sarah is so happy not just because you threw her a birthday party but also because you obviously love her so much. She is so lucky. :)