Sunday, October 21, 2012

2nd day of our Mini Vacay...

We had a great nights sleep & couldn't wait to get the day started. We had Cracker Barrel for breakfast after a couple of hours on the road. It's our favorite place to eat breakfast.

I felt like a little kid on this vacation. I was so excited when we first spotted the view of the mountains! Yes, I took a picture. Well, I handed the camera to my Mom & she snapped it. I found out that you do not get has many photo ops while sitting in the back seat! That's the only downfall with going with someone other than your hubby. You'll be stuck in the backseat. But remember I'm only here for the ride. Hahaha!

Daddy pulled over here so I could get some pics.....

We stopped at a few yard sales which we love to do! My only buy for the day was a Davey Crockett hat that I found at a little store with antiques and what nots. 
This hat is for my little nephew, Kason. He loves the movie Where the Red Fern Grows. He changes his name to Billy from time to time, since that's the little boys name on the  movie. He has even named two of little doggies, Ann & Dan after the dogs on the movie. Kason is such a character! I think he will love this hat! Karen has a photo shoot with Amanda Cannon this coming week and she's taking this hat! He's going to be wearing denim overalls just like Billy! The best part of the photo shoot is, Amanda is taking a crocker sack & cutting two holes in it & putting two of their hound puppies in there! She's going to have Kason hold it over his shoulder like Billy does in the movie!!! It should be priceless. I can't wait to see the photos.

This store had so many cute things:

This store was located Tenneessee. It did my heart good to see a good ole' Florida Gator! Go Gators!

I think the bears are cute, but the wooden owl is what grabbed my attention! 

This is my Daddy walking Lucy during a potty break....

We had a great 2nd day on our mini vacay... :)

Take Care~