Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Plexus Slim Give Away!!!

     I'm so excited to announce a give away!!! I would like to invite you ALL to participate in "THE OPPORTUNITY of a LIFETIME CHALLENGE"! I am so excited as we are PAYING PLEXUS FORWARD.... Do you or someone you love have weight related health issues or have just tried EVERYTHING you c
an to lose weight and get healthy?? Well TELL ME ABOUT IT... Submit a letter about you or your loved one and photos if you like. On November 30 each of the Ambassadors on our team will chose 1 to submit to the team... we will be selecting 1 winner a month to Sponsor as an Ambassador. Have you been watching my posts every day on Facebook and wishing you could afford to take the plunge??? HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME! Please leave a comment that you will be emailing me  ( your letter. 

     This can be a life changing event for the person you pick. Plexus has been just that to me..totally life changing!!

I was on short term disability due to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue starting May 3, 2012. I've had Fibro since summer 2009 I felt horrible, lifeless, depressed, stressed, Fibro pain & flareups, just completely down and out. I was at my breaking point. Then July 16th I was introduced to Plexus Slim. I had no idea it would change my life forever.

I started out by trying a 3 day decision pack and by day two I did notice I actually had energy! So my sister hurried and ordered us another 3 day pack to make sure we weren't imagining things. Well, by day 5 my sweet sister ordered us a 30 day supply to share. I'm so thankful she was able to buy it and share with me. My monies were very limited since I had no check coming in. (My sick time was all used up.) 

Honestly, a week into taking Plexus I could tell I felt better. I had less Fibro pain and I had energy. That's something that I was simply amazed by. I did take a list of the ingredients to my Rheumatoid Dr. and family Dr. and they both approved it! My Rheumatoid Dr. asked for my business cards and my family Dr. said his wife was taking it! Yahooo!!!! That made me feel even more confident that I was doing the right thing.

Within in three weeks, I knew I couldn't be without this product EVER! I started feeling like I had my life back. I also knew if Plexus could help me, it would definitely help others. This is when I knew I should sign up as an Ambassador. The other amazing thing is I lost 16 lbs in month. I was blown away by this!!

It's now been four months and I'm so happy to say I've lost 31 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can hardly believe it. It's so easy one pink drink a day and one little pill once a day. Easy peasy!

Here's my Plexus transformation:

Oh yeah, I forgot to let you know how I've done with sharing Plexus and promoting it:
The first month my check was $1,066.00, my second month I brought home $1,395.00 and my third month I brought home $1, 695.00!!! This is the final blessing, being able to work from home, share this awesome product, and to be able to make $$$$! 

Until Next Time~