Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap!

     I'm just now getting around to posting our Thanksgiving photos! I'm running only about 3 weeks behind! My saying is, "better late than never". I really want to be organized but it's sad to admit, I'm not!!

     Chuckie, Newman, Richard & Frances (my in laws) & I went to Clearwater, FL where my sister in law (my hubby's sister) & brother in law, Amy & Dennis live. We left on Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Saturday! I love going down there to visit them. They have a beautiful house that has plenty of room for all of us to stay with them. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a living room and a movie room! They have a movie projector with a pull down screen! Amy had some of her Mom & Dad's old 6mm movie tapes transferred to dvd. We all had a great time watching those movies! :)

     We didn't cook our Thanksgiving dinner until Friday since Colby & Sarah were eating at her parents house on Thursday. Colby and Sarah arrived Thursday night. :) Brandon didn't come with us because he had to work the day after Thanksgiving. He stayed over at Ken & Kris's home while we were gone. They are his second family!

     We were able to go shopping, yard selling, & visited the beach! It felt so good to have energy and to feel like going. Use to before taking Plexus, I would have been exhausted just packing our clothes. Really, that's the truth. I can remember Chuckie doing most of the packing, loading the car, etc because he knew I couldn't do it.
     I am still totally amazed with our Plexus products. It gives me energy, lessens my Fibromyalgia pain, and curbs my appetite. I've lost 31 lbs as of today! I've went from a tight size 20 to a size 16. I can't wait until I reach a 12!! That will be a totally awesome day when that happens.
     We were able to visit Reddington Beach. This is mine and Chuckie's favorite beach. It's not very crowded and is away from St. Pete Beach which is always very crowded. We found this beach a couple of years ago just by riding around. Dennis also took us to the Candy Kitchen. It's been there for over 60 years! They have all sorts of candy. My favorite was peanut better fudge. Yummy!!
     Here's some photos from our Thanksgiving break:

Newman and I just hanging out and relaxing. I just love this little fella so much!

My SIL, cooking green beans. (they were yummy!)

Here's three peas in a pod! They get along great. 

Beach pics at Reddington Beach which is south of St. Pete beach.

Chuckie and I...can you tell Chuckie is trying to hide behind me? (the sun was in his eyes)

Sarah, me and Kayla...

Colby & Sarah....

Me and my oldest son, Colby. :)

Newman's not very far from his Daddy. :)

Newman and I were holding down the back seat. Haha!

The Candy Kitchen....there's all kinds of retro candy in there!

Here we are in The Candy Kitchen! I had a root beer which is my favorite soda at the moment!

Dennis acting goofy as ususal. He always is cutting jokes and making us all laugh!

Sarah and her orange drink! 

Kayla and Dennis taking time out for a photo at my request. We were visiting 
Willam Deans Chocolate store. They provided the candy in the movie The 
Hunger Games!! How awesome is that?

Remy likes to hang out because he can see straight into the kitchen! He's keeping an eye on the food! 

My Newman loves sitting in my lap. He was so good while we were there. We have a doggy door at home so he comes and goes as needed. Amy & Dennis doesn't have one, but he did just fine. No accidents whats so ever. :)

Papa with Remy taking it easy.

Remy posing for me!

My baby....

Dennis being his goofy self! Chuckie was grilling vension. It turned out delish!


We rode with Dennis to take Kayla to Tampa Internation Airport. She was flying back to her home in Atlanta where she lives with her Mom.

The sky was an amazing color!! 

We had an amazing time! Thank you, Amy & Dennis for having us for Thanksgiving. :)

Until Next Time~