Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Beautifully Groomed Cocker Spaniels

This past weekend Chuckie took our Cocker Spaniels, Newman & Ollie to the Dog Shoppe to see Ms. Kathy. Chuckie & I have a system. I schedule their appointments for Saturday between 7:00 - 7:30 am & he drops them off on his way to work & then I pick them up. Newman & Ollie have their own schedule too. When Chuckie takes them into the shop Newman runs right to his spot: the bottom cage!! Then Ollie runs to the desk chair because he has paper work to do!! That is their routine every single time they visit The Dog Shoppe. They both have been going there since they were puppies. So they are totally use to it.
I try to always take pictures when I get home because they look so beautiful after being groomed. Ms. Kathy does such a great job. She says the boys behave very good. That is good to know. I guess I have taught them well. :)
Here's a few pictures of Newman & Ollie:

                                            Newman & Ollie sporting their red bandanas.

Our sweet boy......

This is how Newman begs to have his tummy scratched!!! I may be busy on the computer & I'll glance over beside me & this is how Newman will be sitting!!! We  are so lucky to have Newman & Ollie. We are definitely proud to be their parents. :)