Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Christmas Tree @ Work!!!

Jenna, Tina & I put our tree up in the Out Patient Lab here at Shands @ UF. This is my first Christmas here at Shands. I { L O V E} my job here even more than I ever dreamed that I could!!! God definitely answers prayers. This is 100% true.
Back to the tree. We three decorated it and it looked just cute. But Jenna finished it off for us. We didn't have a tree topper, but we had an extra big red ornament which was missing a metal spot to hang a clip to the tree so Jenna being the smart person she is put it on the very top of the tree!!! Then it leaned.  This made it just {P E R F E C T} !!! It reminded us of a Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree. This tree has character. Who said a tree needs lights? It just depends on how you decorate your tree and what makes you happy! Everytime I look at this Christmas tree it makes me smile. :)