Monday, December 27, 2010


Here are few pictures of our sweet babies aka Newman & Ollie:
Above pic: This is Newman. He is my bestest friend! I woke up this morning
to him above my head on my pillow. He gave me several kisses before I totally woke up. I now
realize why... our alarm clock went off & I didn't get up when Chuckie called my name! I think
Newman was trying to get me up!! lol He is the best present I've ever gotten!

Above picture: Newman is on the left and Ollie is on the right. Ollie is such a
sweet boy! I trimmed Ollie last night with scissors and he just laid there for
me! He is so trusting & so sweet!

Here's my sweetie pie. He always looks so serious in pictures but he's really
not! He's a joy to be around.

This is Newman begging to has his belly scratched! He reminds me of a big
elephant sitting on his behind! lol  How cute is he?
I'm very thankful for our children with fur!


Crystal said...

I want either a puppy or a baby...since Jesse says no to the baby, I'm really wanting a puppy and your guys look so sweet!!!