Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Openly AdmiT: I LOVE These Surveys ;)

     I so remember filling these type of surveys out in elementary, middle & even high school but I think we may have called them Slam Books. Does this name ring a bell to anyone? I can remember how fun it was picking out a pretty composition book & racking my brain so I could come up with creative questions to write down .in my pretty book. All of this was in done in my neatest and prettiest handwriting!!
     The next step would be to pass it around to all of your friends at school and let the fun begin! Once one of us girls started a Slam Book it would then take off & everyone would start making them. :) lol Trends. The joy of trends. :)
     The very best part of the Slam Book would be taking it home, going to my room & READING each and every entry to see what your friends wrote! The key to this was, the guys wrote in the Slam Book. ;) So of course you couldn't wait to see what they wrote. Maybe you would get a a hint of who they liked because you know one of the questions would be, "who do you like?" How funny we were back in the day!!!!
      So now here I am at 41 year old & I still just love these surveys. I think maybe because I must me just a little nosy. Ha,ha..No I would not consider myself just plain out right nosy...maybe curious would be a much nicer word. :) :)
     Here's the Survey I'm posting and I did fill it out, But the catch is: If you do read all of it, You do have to take just a few minutes to copy and paste it into the comment section & just backspace the answers out & write your answers in. See that will be easy peasy!!!! So maybe, just maybe you will humor me!!

A. age : 41
B. bed size : king {would never have anything smaller; we have
our two cocker spaniels who sleep with hubby & I :)  }
C. chore you hate : cleaning the bathroom ; ewwww. 3 males in the house.enough said!
D. dogs : 2 cocker spaniels: Newman & Ollie
E. essential start to your day : A Shower.
F. favorite color : Red
G. gold or silver : Silver
H. height :: five four
I. instruments you play : None. Sorry.
J. job title : Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Follower of Christ.... & a few more.
K. kids : Colby 21, & Brandon 19
L. live : Sunny Florida :)
M. maiden name : Arrington
N. nicknames : Amee Sue (My middle name is Suzanne)
O. overnight hospital stays : Yes...2....
P. pet peeve : Two Faced People.
Q. quote :The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.    -Helen Keller
R. righty or lefty :righty...but eat with my lefty! ;)
S. siblings : one brother & one sweet sister
T. time you wake up: typically 5:45am mon-fri & sat:9:00am & sun: 8:00am
U. university attended : None..but did graduate High School.
V. vegetables you dislike: Brussell sprouts. Ewww
W. what makes you run late : getting up late....Stupid Fibromyalgia..just makes me want to sleep 5 more minutes.
X. x-rays you’ve had :: dentist...& chiropractor
Y. yummy food :: chicken fettucini alfredo, grilled steak, fried vension with onions.....Yummy! Oh loaded sweet potoato....with marshmellow & brown sugar n cinnamon butter. :)
Z. zoo animal favorite :: giraffes & especially the baby giraffes..just makes me say, "Awww!!!" & of course take several hundred pics! you know just a little bit more about me and I would love to know a little about you. :)

Take Care Until Next Time.