Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can You Say Pendant Banner?

     Well, I totally forgot to to take a pic of my new hair style last night. I thought about it as I was stepping in the shower! I will try my best to post a pic tonight!  I do have a good excuse as to why I totally forgot: I am working on finishing a pendant banner for my future daughter in laws Bridal Shower on Saturday!!
     It's not quite finished because I have to stop at Michael's on the way home to buy some brown or tan card stock to use for the lettering. I've coordinated scrapbook paper with green, pink & white designs to glue on the burlap,but the paper will be a smaller size than the burlap with the same pendant style. I realized the white letters were not going to stand out enough...they were going to blend in with the paper. So I am going to cut  3 1/2 inch letters with my Cricut to glue on each pendant in brown or tan. I'm going to spell out "Love Is In The Air". I thought of this quote all by myself!!
     I found my inspiration at: Pinterest. This is the coolest site ever; I'm slightly addicted!. Here's the photo that originally inspired me at Pinterest:

      I will post a photo as soon as I finish my creation, which should be tonight! I'm so hoping it looks like the way I envision it!?
      Have you created anything lately that made you smile?