Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time For Change

     Change can be a good thing. Especially if you're talking about a change in hair style! I am so wishy washy about my hair. (I am not trying to be vain, but this girl loves to change her hair.) I go through stages thinking I want long hair and I'll try to grow it out & then after 8 or 9 months I usually go cut it short. I also have tried to grow my bangs out to no such luck. I will let them grow for months & then I'll fed up with them & grab the scissors. I just know Pam  @ Tonya's Salon loves me! (By the way I have the best hair stylist ever!!!)
     So here is the past styles I have worn. I also love changing the color of my hair. I'll add a little blonde or a little red & sometimes dark dark brown! The joys of a bottle of hair color!! ;) My styles are very familiar:

My most current hairstyle ^^

Me trying to grow my bangs out..(they are pinned back).

Wow, this pic was taken a few years ago. Note the blonde & Newman
matches hair color. :) He is my love.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say I went to my hair stylist last night & I have a new style! I'll post pics tonight. ;)

     As I'm looking at these pics I see a so need to go on a diet or I should say change my eating habits! I'm getting on board. More on that later.....

     So do you love switching it up with your hair style or do you stay with one style forever?


Tania said...

Can't wait to see your new hair style.