Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Have So Much To Be Thankful For!

     First off, I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!!!

Our holiday was such an enjoyable day spent with family. My morning started out with listening to Chuckie & Colby rustling around the house getting ready to go hunting. Then Brandon arrived (he has been house sitting for a family from our church) to gather his hunting supplies. Chuckie & Brandon kissed me by before they left. I think Colby was preoccupied. ;)  

I was able to sleep in until 8:30am which I am very thankful for! The only reason I woke up was because Newman was ready for me to wake up. I could hear him at the foot of my bed on the floor whining. Honestly it could have been because he needed to go potty. Chuckie new to keep the doggy door shut otherwise I would have been woken up earlier with Newman either barking or I would have a dirty comforter because Newman will get out in the backyard and run & play then come inside & sail up on our bed. Ewww, what a mess that would have been. I am thankful Chuckie left the doggy door shut! ;)

I left our house around 11:00am to head towards my Mother & Father in laws house. But not before I went my McDonald's and ordered a peppermint hot chocolate. This was the first time I've ever tasted one. I really liked the peppermint flavor! 

My job for Thanksgiving lunch was to make home made macaroni & cheese. We all just love it...even if I do say so for myself! My sister in law Amy, made her sweet potato casserole. ( I secretly had hoped she was making it!) We had a whole turkey, then a turkey breast, mashed potatos & gravy, acre peas, dressing, rolls, mac n cheese, & my mother in laws famous coleslaw which we all love (well the boys don't..)! Dessert was pecan pie, pumpkin pie & Kayla made a Reese brownie that you keep in the fridge. If anyone left the table hungry, it was their own fault!! :)
My in laws drive way....

My mother in law Frances & sister in law Amy...

My father in law & son ready to fix their plates!

My beautiful niece Kayla & brother in law Dennis. ( He is a nut!)

I asked Amy if she would take a few family pics for me because I wanted to do Christmas Cards this year with a family pic. So after lunch, you guessed it, we had a family photo shoot! The guys weren't thrilled at all, but I told them I don't ask for much & I really wanted a family pic of us! Our family has grown by one addition...well not exactly yet, but close enough: Sarah is in our family pics... her & Colby will be married Dec. 31st, so that's close enough! I told Sarah it was nice to look at our pics & for me not to be the only girl in the pic! Well for 21 years I've been surrounded by guys! I mean even our cocker spaniels are boys! Amy did an excellent job taking our pics! I am very thankful for Amy taking our pics. :)

This is going to be the pic I use for our Christmas Cards!!! 

Amy also took pictures of my niece which is her step daughter Kayla. The pics of Kayla turned out just perfect!! Kayla colored her hair red, which looks absolutely stunning! I've even thought about coloring mine red! ;)
Brandon our youngest son, Kayla, & Colby our oldest &
soon to be married!

Kayla & Brandon.. :)

Later that afternoon I decided to go hunting with Chuckie! I haven't been hunting in several years. We sat in hunting hut. It's big enough two hold plastic chairs, there is even a little shelf..just perfect to sit my camera on it! The only thing we saw was two deer tails because they were running very fast!! It was very nice and peaceful to say the least. :) I am very thankful being in driving distance to go hunting. :)

This year my Mom & Dad celebrated Thanksgiving with my sister Karen & her family at the hunting woods in Cross City, Fl. We will celebrate Christmas with my family. I can't wait because Kason will be big enough to have so much fun this year!!


Amy J said...

The pictures turned out so well! Those trees at your in-laws house are just gorgeous... perfect for a photo shoot! I really do appreciate all your comments on my blog... they always cheer me :) Blessings- Amy J.