Friday, December 2, 2011

Making Memories = {Priceless}

     I love making memories with my family. I also love to document our life by photographing anything & everything. I mean seriously, I keep my camera in my purse at all times.
     This past week I was lucky enough to be off for Thanksgiving & the day after.  No I did not do any Black Friday shopping instead I slept in while all the shoppers were searching for their perfect deal. I knew my fun time was coming later that afternoon! My sister Karen invited me to come spend the night with her & my little nephew Kason (he's 20 months old) since her hubby would be in the hunting woods. I had been looking forward to this all week long!
     Karen had to work but did end up closing her consignment shop "Second Impressions" early. So I ended up meeting her at her house at 4:00pm. Then it was time to go pick Kason up at his Nana's & Granny's house since they had babysat him for the day. He was busy playing with his little cousin Charity. Surprisingly, he was ready to leave when we told him we were going home. We figured he may not want to leave Charity. You know how it can be when children are having fun, the last thing they want to do is leave the fun!
     Kason was a little ham. He showed me how to ride his stick horsey, he showed me how he shoots the buck, which is Jays deer head hanging on the wall, he went to work in his little Tikes truck ( a game he plays with his Mommy & Daddy all the time) & more..... I just continually smile while I'm at Karen's home.
     I know I thoroughly enjoy Kason even more than I normally would because my boys are grown & now I get to watch him grow up. I know how fast the years fly by and it's like I'm getting a second chance with Kason. I almost feel like I'm a grandparent even though I really don't know what that feels like, but I'm imagining it's got to feel a lot like this!!
     Here's pictures of Kason playing & during bath time which at this time
he does enjoy:
Mr. Kason getting his hair washed. :)

One is favorite things: his tongue!

There's my smiling little nephew!

He was busy looking at his sweet Mommy. :)

Kason loves shooting the big buck! It's one that has already been shot
though, by his Daddy. ;)

There's the big buck...on the wall. lol 


EvA. . . said...

your nephew is so so cute :)