Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Lists of Loves @ This Moment In Time

     I have loved journaling since my high school days, which wasn't yesterday. A teacher in my 7th grade class by the name of Mrs. Beatrice Ellison actually sparked my love for journaling. At the very beginning of school one of our requirements was to bring a composition book to class. She asked us to write a 1/2 page in our composition book every day & it could be about anything. I really liked that because it didn't have to be on a certain topic.
     Do you know right now I remember some of the things I journaled? I do believe I can remember those certain things only because I wrote those entries down! I wrote about the first VCR, yes I said VCR not DVR, we ever bought!! Mom & Dad bought it at JC Penney's for $450.00! Can you believe that? Now you can buy them for around $40.00!! Wow how times have changed. I even journaled about the movies we rented, when my parents bought a new vehicle, what I did on weekends, my favorite TV shows, etc.
     So now I just love this whole blogging world. It's such a neat thing to have access to. I'm really trying to find my blogging niche here in blog land. I know I have to be true to myself & it has to be blogging in my own style. So I am trying to find that.
     As of November 17, 2011 this is my top 10 favorite LoVeS: 
1.)   Pinterest . Need I say more? I mean what did I do before Pinterest? I know, I know, I used the ole' favorites button, but it didn't save a picture. I am very much a visual girl. I also love that you can "follow" your  friends.
2.)   My camera. I love taking photos to document time. I love taking moments & creating a memory which can be looked back upon. Once the moment is gone we have a better chance on remembering it if we have a photo or have written about the moment.
3.)   A little boy named Kason who in case y'all didn't know is my little 20 month old nephew. Here he is right here:
He loves to be outside playing.

He loves his Pa (which is aka my Dad). :)
Kason has us all just wrapped around his little finger! 

4.)   I am loving the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack! I've been listening to it on my way to work & on my way home. #11 on the soundtrack goes with Bella & Eward's wedding! I found out yesterday that it will be on the playlist at Colby & Sarah's wedding! Listen to it here. It's called Northern Lights by Cider Sky. :)
5.)  White Chocolate Mocha here at Opus Cafe in the Shands Hospital Atrium. It's better than Starbucks!
6.)   I have an obsession using :) ;) & !!!!!!  It seems I just can't help myself. It describes the moment when txting, emailing or blogging. I know I use it way too much, but that's just me! See there it happened again.
7.)   Chalkboards, as in making them myself. I think they are just classic. I've loved chalkboards since Elementary School. I was always the one who wanted to wash the chalkboards for the teacher. I knew then I'd have a chance to maybe grab that piece of chalk & write on the board! I honestly wanted to be a teacher for that reason just so I could have my chalkboards look so pretty & neat for the kids. ( I definitely changed my mind - it takes a special person to be a teacher & I'm not cut out for it!)
8.)   Blogging. Reading Blogs. Learning about Blogs. Hunting new Blog layouts. You name it about Blogs & it interest me!
9.)   Picnik. This is by far my very favorite photo editing site. It's free for the basic editing features, but I do pay $4.95 a month  for the upgraded features. In my opinion, it's well worth it if you do alot of editing. I hardly ever post pics without editing. My camera is okay, but with out editing they would not look as nearly as good as they do.
10.)   Weddings. Wedding planning. Dreaming about Colby & Sarah's wedding. I'm so hoping they love their wedding photos because when it's over & done with all you have is the memory & the photos.

     What is your top 5 Loves at the moment? I'd love to know! :)


Crystal said...

I am loving a lot of your same things! Anything Twilight, and I loved washing blackboards as a kid too!! I love my boys, coffee and PINTEREST!!!

Amy J said...

Hi Amee! I'm with you on many of those loves... I too have a problem with using :) and ! I also can't stop using ...... (dot, dot, dot)! silly. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog :) Comments from dear people like you keep me going knowing that somebody out there appreciates my projects and ramblings! Blessings- Amy