Thursday, December 15, 2011

Have You Downloaded Your Free eBooks @ Amazon?

     Do you know you do not have to buy a Kindle in order to download free ebooks from Amazon? Yes, it's true!! You can download the free KindleApp for PC for free of charge! I did this several months ago & have totally enjoyed having it on my computer. Just click the download button and follow the prompts. Within a couple of minutes you'll be up and running reading away.

     It really helps to have the  Kindle App because there are thousands of free ebooks available. You can also buy ebooks a lot cheaper than you can purchase a hand held book. Now don't get me wrong, I do actually LOVE holding a book and being able to actually turn the pages, BUT having the option to download books for free, you just can't go wrong.
I love this pic...I found it at pinterest:
(Note: image from Pintereset: Shauna Hostetler )

     Here's a LINK to check out a few current free ebooks. Just make sure you double check the book is still for free, because Amazon will periodically change the prices.

Let me know if you Love your Kindle / Kindle App for pc or other e-reader & what is your favorite book to read?