Friday, December 16, 2011

My Favorite 3 Things

     I found this idea at Sarah's Blog.  She writes with such honesty & she has such a sense of humor. I love reading her stories. She also makes me think that I would love to write with such honesty! I have a long way to go!
     Back to my favorite 3 things right now on December 16, it is:

     1.) I would have to say my computer which of course come with the internet. (I don't want to include internet into my 3 things so I'm combining it with my computer.;)

     2.) My Canon SX120 Camera. It's a small camera  it does have a 10x optical zoom. I LOVE  my camera, but I just know there is a Canon Rebel I would LOVE even more. But I'm telling myself to be happy with what I have. This coming July 2012 my trailblazer will be paid for so hubby & I have decided that will probably be the time I can upgrade to a dslr camera!!! So can't wait. I'm wanting to learn all I can about photography & would love to start trying to take photography as a possible side business. :) I already take photos for friends & family and my photos turn out pretty good even though I'm using a point & shoot camera.

     3.) My white chocolate mocha coffee from the Opus Coffee Shop located in Shands. It is so much better than Starbucks. So that tells you how good it really is. I have one way too often. It helps make my morning start off smooth. No I'm not able to get a cup as soon as I wake up, but I know by the time I drive 45 minutes to work, park in the garage, catch the Shands bus & arrive at the hospital at precisely 7:45am I know my cup off white chocolate is just waiting to jump into my hands! Then I have arrived earlier enough to order my coffee & head to the little round table by the window & sit down & journal or perhaps surf the internet & maybe write a post like I'm doing right now. I do not have to clock in until 8:30am. Yes, I know some of you are saying, "why on earth do you get to work that early?" I have always & I mean always been an early bird! I hate to arrive late to anything. It just really unnerves me. Plus I never know if an accident may happen on my  way to work or the train may decide to come through Newberry on my way to work. I have to plan like there is something going to happen. It's also nice to drink my coffee & relax before beginning my day at Outpatient Lab.

     So what would be your favorite 3 things as of right now? You can't pick family, God, or something other that is an obvious favorite things. :) I would love to know!! :)

    Happy Friday to everyone.......thankful for that & it's payday! Hopefully I will finish Christmas shopping this weekend.


Crystal said...

I love a white chocolate mocha too!! Yum!