Thursday, January 5, 2012

Colby & Sarah are Hitched!

     I'll be honest... I have been putting off writing this post because I'm not sure how to accurately describe what a beautiful day December 31, 2011really was. It will be forever an unforgettable day to me &I'm sure to so many others including Colby & Sarah. Dec. 31st was a the most gorgeous day to have an out door wedding.  What I'm having trouble describing is not just how beautiful everything was. It was each & every detail that Sarah had decided on. It was from knowing she wanted  to walk down the aisle on a burlap runner, to coming up with the idea to put wedding pictures of her Mom & Dad (31 years being married) to asking us for our wedding pic (22 years being married), to having mason jars for all of the guests to drink sweet tea out of, to serving her favorite: lasagna, bread sticks & salad for dinner, to hand picking her silk red roses from Hobby Lobby & designing her bridal bouquet & her bridal parties bouquets, to coming up with the idea for everyone to sit on bales of hay during the wedding, to fixing hot chocolate packs as wedding favors, to placing on each table a sheet to fill out "how do you know Colby & Sarah",  and too many other details I'm failing to mention. Sarah & her Mom were very organized & prepared!!! I was totally impressed. It's amazing how all these details made one fabulous looking wedding & this is not even mentioning how beautiful Sarah looked, her bridal party & of course Colby looked so handsome in his western clothes & that cowboy hat! Oh yeah, his groomsmen & best man were also very handsome too!
     Here's a few details that I may have forgotten to mention in the previous post:
     Grandpa & Granny Eastman brought their fifth wheel camper to Otter Springs Campground & rented a couple of cabins for family to stay in. Sarah's parents had their camper there too & a cabin rented for family. Sarah & her bridesmaids stayed the night before the wedding in the Stilt house (owned by Otter Springs) after rehearsal was over. Brandon & Uncle Dennis were up to their old tricks... scaring people or should I say scaring girls! They also scared Colby too! Mean, mean guys!
     Back to the day of the wedding:
     I arrived at Otter around 1:00pm. I was dressed & so ready for their wedding!Colby & Sarah were having photos taken of them at 1:30pm. They chose to have their photos taken before the wedding so they could take their time and wouldn't be rushed due to guests waiting to see them. :) They also arranged their photographer, Julee Brideson Photography to capture the moment Colby sees Sarah for the first time all dressed in her gown!! ( I secretly had hoped they were planning on doing this!!) I've seen all these gorgeous photos on Pinterest and hoped they would have their special moment caught on film!
     I was lucky enough to be there when that moment happened: Colby saw Sarah for the first time! I thought is was great because I took pics too. The only thing I couldn't see was Colby's reaction! I knew Julee was capturing it so yesterday when she posted it on facebook, it totally lived up to my expectation! She posted a sneak peak with 12 photos being posted on facebook. They are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!! She did an awesome job! I so can't wait to see the rest!!!
     Guests started to arrive around 3:20pm. They even had a country shuttle set up. This consisted on a John Deere Gator (camo of course!) pulling a wagon which had bales for guests to sit on. It would have been quite a hike from the field where the cars were parked to where the wedding was being held. So thank goodness they had thought that idea through!
     I do believe the guest who had traveled the furthest to be here was Aunt Cheryl, which is Grandpa Eastman's sister! She traveled from Pennsylvania. It was an honor for her to be here.
    Here's a few photos up to this point:

Colby getting ready for the big day!!

Papa Eastman helping Brandon.....

This is the Ford tractor that burned up in my parents barn several
years ago. Then my Dad gave it to Colby because he wanted to restore it back 
to its original state. Colby & Grandpa Eastman did just that! It looks even better than before!
Sarah's Dad, Wayne drove the tractor and Sarah & her bridal party sat on bales of hay in the tralier.
It was just picture perfect!

Love the burlap runner....

My parents with Colby before the wedding. 

Sarah headed to meet her groom!!! 

Colby waiting patiently to see Sarah!!!! 

Every time I look at this photo here is the thought I think describes this moment: "Colby, you have yourself
a little fire cracker!!"

Beautiful Sarah.....

Part Two Coming Very Soon!!!