Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's Arrived: Our Oldest Son Is Getting Married Today!!!

     WOW! It's finally here. It's unbelievable how time has really flown by. I've been watching that little wedding   ticker up above ^ as the days kept getting closer and closer.
     We arrived at Otter Springs Lodge mid morning with decorating on our agenda. We also have family coming in from out of town that will be staying in the cute little cabins we rented. I'm loving the country rustic style of these little cabins. I'm thinking that we may want to plan to build one for our selves! So that thought will be stuck in my head now. ;)
Chuckie was ahead of me pulling the Easy Go Golf Kart that belongs
to Papa & Granny Eastman.

Welcome to Otter Springs!

Nannie with Colby....

Me and the hubby...

     My sweet Mom came around 11:30am & then we headed to Chiefland to pick the cake up at our local Wal-Mart. We also had time to quickly run into Cato's to see if I could find me another pair of jeans. (I've gained weight & only had one pair that fit me. Uggghhh.) Luckily I did find a pair in petites so that they weren't two miles too long on me! That's my only complaint from Cato's-all of their jeans are way too long unless you can buy petites. Other than that Cato's is my very best friend. Oh yeah, I did find a couple of cute shirts too! We also had to run to Winn Dixie and pick up cherry tomatoes for the salad that we will be eating at the reception Saturday evening.
     We finished in Chiefland then headed to Trenton to pick up 17 gallons of sweet & unsweet tea. They really make good sweet tea. I know because I'm very very picky about whose tree I'll drink. It has to have the "right" flavor!
     The decorating had really progressed from the time we left and came back. It looked absolutely beautiful. It has a the wonderfully mixed country & rustic feel. I love all of the extra details that have been thought through from A to Z!
     We had rehearsal dinner last night and it turned out excellent. We catered the food from a local Barbecue place called Akin's Barbecue. Their food is always consistently good. We had sliced pork, smoked chicken quarters, baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad & rolls with butter & of course some sweet tea that our local grocery store is famous for.
     I ordered the rehearsal cake from our local Wal-Mart. I chose the Browning Deer Head decor for the theme of the cake. The only thing I was disappointed in was the color of Browning Deer was suppose to be pink & one camo. Well the one that was suppose to be pink turned out lavendar! I did mention i to the bakery person & she proceeded to tell me that was the color that the machine prints out on the transfer. So I just said, "yes, mam". I knew there was no need to get mad or aggravated. The cake did taste really good!
     All in all rehearsal day went very well!! Tomorrow will be really exciting!! I can't believe it's already here!!