Monday, January 9, 2012

Part Two: Colby & Sarah's Hitched!

    {This post is going to be mostly photos.}
 I wasn't able to Colby's face when he turned around to look at Sarah wearing her wedding dress, but I knew Julee had that all taken care of. I'm glad I was there to capture a different angle.

 Then it was time for Colby to turn around. I just loved this moment. I guess it's the suspense, romance & the unknown that just captured me.

I have no idea what they were saying, but as the saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words." So 
so true. I just know they are in love & that's what counts the most. :)

My sweet son & new daughter. :)

My Moma & I before the wedding started.

My hubby & my Daddy....

Sarah & Whitney...they are beautiful young ladies. 

Left to right: Sarah Heaton-Maid of Honor, Sarah, Whitney, & Hayley. 
What is really very special is  Sarah's bridal party & Colby's groomsmen all attended the grade
in school & graduated with on another; with the exception of Brandon-Best Man & brother of the groom he graduated a year after them.

Around 3:15 guests started arriving:

I just love this Ford tractor.  Sarah painted this sign herself. :)


I'm so glad I caught this on camera....Sarah, stumbled over her words & died laughing! She made us all laugh and from going from a few moments ago crying while walking down the aisle to this was just wonderful. 

Colby's asking his brother, "the ring?" Brandon says, "I don't have it." Brandon then
looks at Caleb & ask him & Caleb doesn't have it, finally they get to C.J. & he has it in
his pocket! Brandon thought this was hilarious & it did make Colby & Sarah laugh!

Colby putting Sarah's ring on her finger. :)

Colby & Sarah trying to light the candles. There was a good breeze blowing so 
it was impossible to light the candle!

I love this pic!

So so sweet!

I love how Colby put his hat up when he kissed Sarah! So country!

"Mr. Mrs. Warren Colby Eastman"

The bridal party taking a ride on the trailer.....

Holly giving her daughter a hug, but her Daddy isn't too far behind!

Nannie giving Sarah a great big ol' hug! Love the smile on Jason's face (far right)!

Colby & Kason :)

The whole Bridal Party....Oh so beautiful & sweet!

My pics from the reception didn't turn out well at all. I honestly was exhausted by then! But Julee was still there taking photos so that is a good thing!!
I will post a few pics tomorrow as my sister in, Amy law took some photos too. I just haven't downloaded them yet to my computer!
This was definitely a beautiful country wedding!!! ( I am a little biased.)


Charley said...

I stumbled across your blog through someone else's. Anyway, just wanted to say congrats and gorgeous pictures!