Thursday, January 12, 2012

My version of "One Word for 2012..."

     I have seen this all over blog land: You choose ONE word you would like to focus upon during the year. It can be any word....Well I couldn't choose just one! Ha,ha!  I know I have to be just a little different. "  I really want to focus on these words:

     I'll tell you what each word means to me: Create: I want to create scrapbook pages - the regular old fashioned way & digitally, I want to make a wreath I saw on Pinterest, I want to create Subway art, I just want to be create - ful!
     I want to simplify my life. I want to simplify my home, as in decluttering my home. You know the saying, "less is more."  I really do believe that. I just haven't putting "less is more" into my home!  When I was a little kid my Mom use to tell me, "everything should have its place, if it doesn't you don't need it." I just have a habit of sitting stuff done & telling myself I'll put it away later & then I don't. I've been working on simplifying  my scrapbook area since last weekend. I totally forgot to take photos of the before mess...that's exactly what it was, a BIG MESS! I promise to take after photos. :)  Am I the only one who feels embarrassed about before pics? I know there is no way on earth I would ever post a before pic on my bedroom right now. NO WAY! I can only imagine walking in my kitchen, living room & bedroom & for there to be no clutter...this would be simplifying my home / life.
     I want become more thankful for my surroundings. I know I focus on the things I can't door don't feeling like doing because I lack energy  (due to having Fibromyalgia) &  I need to be thankful for the things I can do. I want to be thankful I have a home (even though it's a rental home & not our "own": home, at least we have one! I want to be thankful I for my job, even though I would love to be a stay at home wife, so I could manage the house, chores, helping out church family more often, not being exhausted all the time from being gone 11 1/2 hrs from home. I have to tell myself I'm blessed to have a job because there are so many that do not. I love my coworkers to deatlth. That right there is a reason to be thankful!!
     I am going to make more time to STUDY God's word! I am going to start reading the Bible everyday. Monday thru Friday I will read in the mornings after I arrive at work. I always get to work early and get coffee and sit in the little bar area at Shands. So this will be a perfect time to read. I also want to learn photoshop so I'm going to study some tutorials!!!
     I'm giving  2012 my best shot at being a more creative person, simplifying my life, thankful in mind & spirit & I want to study the Bible more this year than any in the past!!!
     I will be posting updates to all of these words as to how I'm progressing! Oh yeah, I needed to throw in exercise as a one of my words too...Ummm. I 'll have to work on that one. I really started a few weeks ago by walking to the parking garage instead of riding the shuttle bus. BUT, I've slacked off so I need to jump back on board asap.
     What is your word(s) that you are focusing upon? I'd LOVE to hear! :)
  P.S...did you notice my creative attempt to up above with my four words? I love Picnik!!!


Carrie said...

You are not alone! I am slways shamed to show before pics!

Tania said...

Great words!