Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bday Party, Owl & Cup With a Straw.

     These past two years have flown by so very fast. I can only imagine how the next two will go. We have all tried to soak up each and every moment with Kason. He is now putting so many words together. Each day is a whole new adventure. I wish I lived right next door to share all these moments with my little buddy!!!

Here's a few pics from the past two years....and of course from his Bday party:

Mr. Happy!

Kason loves Woody & Buzz. His bathroom is decorated the Toy Story theme too. :)

This is one of Kason's favorite presents...the owl Uncle Chuckie & I bought him!
He  loves my owl necklaces so I thought it was time he had his own owl. He LOVES it!

See how much he loves it? Karen said he told her it was crying!!! She told him to go get a blanket
and then she wrapped it up for him. Kason then proceeded to rock the owl. Kason has a heart of gold. He is 
such a sweet and caring child. There is not one mean bone in him!! 

Kason's other favorite present come from....Pa & Nanny Arrington...(my parents). He so loves 
this cup with a built in straw (his very 1st one ever). As soon as he opened it he had his Daddy go fill it up! He then carried it around every where with him. :) Priceless.

He even had a Birthday Boy ribbon!!

Jay (Kason's Daddy) grilled some awesome tasting hamburgers & hotdogs for every one. Moma made her famous potato salad with onions, chips n dip, coleslaw for our hotdogs, and pasta salad that was so very good. We also had good old fashioned sweet tea. 

Kason had a wonderful 2nd Birthday thanks to all the family & friends that came over. It was nice to have a good evening hanging out. 


Tania said...

Getting together with family is so special. Glad you got to help Kason celebrate his birthday.

Monika Wright said...

Looks like such a fun party for an adorable young man. It's what makes life fun...family and good times! And doesn't it make you feel awesome that he loved your gift so much? : D

Healthy Branscoms said...

What a cutie pie! You have a beautiful family!