Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Filled Saturday-March 3rd 2012

     Today we celebrating my nephews 2nd Birthday!! Time has flown entirely too fast!! Kason is such a good natured little boy. He is always happy unless he's sick. Right now he LOVES his tractors, sock monkey, moe moes (motorcycles!), four wheelers,  balloons, riding in the woods with his Moma & Daddy, loves going to Nanny & Pa's house (who wouldn't-Nanny gets in the boat with him and acts like they are fishing! lol), & loves loves his Mommy & Daddy.
     Kason will calls us: Amee =Aim Aim, Chuckie= Chuck Chuck, Brandon= Ban Ban, Colby = Cole Cole. It just so sweet to watch him grown, increase his vocabulary, and watch his little personality shine!

     This ar some of my favorite pics of Kason Lane:

He had so much fun walking up & down those little steps! 

He loves Sock Monkey!! I love his little flannel p.j.'s!
Mr. Happy!!

He just had to wear on of Nanny's necklaces. ;)

     We are all so very thankful for Kason. He's made all of our lives so much better by him being here with us. We thank God above for him. :)

I hope everyone will have a happy & safe weekend.


Crystal said...

Happy Birthday to Kason! Can't wait to see pics from his party!