Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's been a while since I've posted....just haven't been in the groove of things. There's been a lot going on since my last post:

1.) I've filed short term disability at Shands due to having Fibromyalgia & Chronice Fatigue Syndrome. Fibro & CFS has been kicking my butt!! I should find out next week if it went through (I've been praying it does.) I can now rest and take naps as needed which is quite often. So thankful for this much needed rest.

2.) I turned on 42 on May 21st!! This is a post of it's own! ;)

3.) Memorial Day has come and gone but I'm thankful all year round for what our service men & women do for our country and for each one of us. God Bless America!

4.) My Daddy's Birthday which is exactly one week after mine - May 28th. Love my Daddy!

5.) My sweet Daddy was thrown from his horse yesterday afternoon. Luckily he had his cell phone on him. He called Moma (who had went to town) and asked her to please hurry home. He broke his ankle in two places!! He was just taken down to the operation room as I'm typing this out. He's at Shands Hospital and they are taking such good care of him. Surgery should last around 1 1/2 hrs. They are going to put metal plates and screws in his ankle. He will have to be off his ankle for 3 months! This is going to be very tough for Daddy. He is always busy with his meat cutting business, working in the garden, feeding the horses, etc. He is definitely a hard working man. After 3 months the Dr. will evaluate his ankle & if it's healed properly they will fit him for a boot to wear for another 3 months. We are all so thankful that he didn't break his back or neck.
This is Blue, whom Daddy was riding when he had his accident. (This is pic is from April 2011) Daddy said it wasn't Blue's fault. Blue just got spooked and bucked Daddy off. Just a freak accident.

God is good all the time............


Tania said...

Sad to hear that you had to file for the short term disability. Praying that you get to feeling better soon. Looking forward to reading a post about you turning 42. So sorry to hear about your daddy. I know it will be hard for him to stay off that foot. Hope all turns out well for him.