Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Woody & Buzz Lightyear Slippers. A Must Have!!

Okay, it's time for a Kason blog post. You know what that means...a few okay a bunch of photos taken of my sweet little nephew. He is growing way too fast for this auntie. I normally see him once a week & each week he's learned more words & is expressing himself in so many different ways.

Y'all check these pics out:

This is Kason's new smile! It's funny to watch the different stages he goes through.

He stuck his tongue out at me! That little stinker! Notice he has his pop pop (this is what he call his lollipop!) & he's holding a blue train that I saved him from my Happy Meal. Also in his right hand is a toy puppy he got out of the bubble gum machine. It's still in the little container. He told his Moma
his dogs were in the dog pen! He does have an imagination, that's for sure!

I love this pic!! It is definitely a "Driggers" look. Kason has a little cousin named Jadie & I've seen this same look from her. They could be brother & sister!

Another favorite photo of mine! I love the serious look, his brown eyes, & long eye lashes. 

Kason is giving little Hootie as kiss. Yes, he is still loving his owls. He goes to bed
with them every night. :)

This is our snack. Good ole' Reeses with a Pepsi...you can't beat it!!! (there's his little dogs in their dog 
pen..to the right of his hand! lol )

Kason all snuggled up in his Toy Story blanket. :)

He smiled real big just because he saw me with the camera. After I took the pic, he will said: "Aim Aim, you got it?" I told  him, "yes, I got the pic." He makes me laugh all the time!!

We were fixing to run to Subway to get something for supper & he wanted to wear his flop flops. (they are his bed room slippers, but he heard me call my shoes flip flops so he named his flop flops!! hahahaha)

Close up of his bedroom slippers aka "flop flops" with Woody & Buzz Lightyear. Awesome little slippers!!

Me & my favorite little nephew..okay he's my only little nephew. ;)
I sure Love this little guy. :)