Saturday, June 30, 2012

My 42nd B~day....

{I just found this in "draft" here it is over a month late! .}

      I just love Birthdays, especially mine which was May 21st. That isn't awful is it?  This birthday was just the greatest!

     On May 19th which was a Saturday,  my friends, Jenna, Jean & Tina whom I work with surprised me by coming to my house with a birthday card, red roses, magazines, a necklace & a home made red velvet cake!!! It was so very thoughtful for them to take time out of their busy weekend to come see me. (I hadn't seen them since May 8th..due to me being out sick & filing for short term disability). They made me feel very special to say the least.

This is one of the magazines Jean brought me! This is actually my very favorite magazine!!

My sweet Birthday card they gave me. :)

On the day of my birthday which fell on a Monday, my hubby Chuckie was off work. He drove to Shired Island & Horseshoe Beach so I could snap a few pics.It was beautiful weather and we enjoyed just riding & looking at all the different houses in Horseshoe Beach.

Here's Shired Island, Fl. It's just a small tiny island where you can actually cancamp, grill or just lay out in the
sun. It's very peaceful which is my kind of place!Shired Island is around 45 - 1 hour from our house. Well worth the time to take a drive & getaway from home. 

I'm notorious for taking bird pics. Everyone always laughs at me but they just let me because they know it's just "me". Look at all that foam!! I was amazed by that. 

When I edited this pic I used the "cross process" which gives the pic a retro feel. I am addicted to the cross process editing tool at Pic Monkey!! Pic Monkey is a free website where you can edit your photos and even make collages. It's my go to place!!

When I look at this pic, I can tell the Fibromyalgia was kicking my butt this day. I didn't really fell like having my pic taken, but it was my b-day so I wanted to document the day. 

This pic and the following pics are taken at Horseshoe Beach, Fl. It a small little fishing community. No need of red lights..just stop sign. It's beautiful down there. I can totally see why people live there. As I stood there & looked at the beautiful blue sky and water, I couldn't help but think of our awesome God we serve!!!

These pics did not need editing. I only added a frame around them. The weather was beautiful as you can tell!

This is someone's private dock!! How awesome is that? I would sit out there on the end of the dock with a book in my hand for hours, especially to watch the sunset!!

Just drop me off on this little island and come pick me up at dusk. ;)

On our way home we ran by Dairy Queen in Cross City. I ordered a Butterfinger Blizard & he ordered a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. It was oh so good!

After resting at home, it was then time to go to Gainesville for our dinner at Yamatos Japanese Steakhouse. My dinner was free since it was my birthday. ;) Colby, Sarah & Whitney ate with us. Poor Brandon had to work. :( We did order Brandon a to go dinner. He was looking forward to getting off work & eating a great meal.

Our meal was delicious to say the least. We all enjoyed spending time together and eating a delicious meal together. My favorite is steak & shrimp with rice & extra creamy sauce (not sure the name of it!?) I had just a little bit left over and of course I asked for a to go box!  We were just fixing to leave when I hear a "boom boom" sound. Oh no,  guess what? It was time for everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" too me. I just knew I was going to get to escape without them singing to me. It's always so embarrassing having everyone sing & stare at you! I just smiled.....that's all you can do, right?

By the time we got home, I was ready to eat my left overs! So much for munching on it the next day. ;)

My sweet Mom had bought me a king size reversible quilt for me, which was from her my Dad. It a flower pattern on one side and the other is solid red velour with stitching that makes a pattern. Sorry I haven't taken time to take pics of it. My sweet sister and in laws gave me money which is always super nice!!! Colby & Sarah gave the the cutest necklace with earrings and a metal owl that have a few jewels on him..opps didn't take a pic of him..I think I'll need to do an update!!! ;) I loved everything. Owls hold a special place to my heart!! Whitney, a sweet young lady who is one of Sarh's best friends and she graduated with Colby & Sarah took time out of her schedule to meet us to eat and she even brought me a cute little card, Bath & Body Works candle & body wash! My kind of gift, but more importantly she came to spend this special time with us. :)
All in all it was a wonderful Birthday!!!! I'm so thankful for family & friends. :)
I'm all ready for 43!!!

Until Next Time~


Jenna Taylor said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! I am so happy that your birthday was extra special it sounds like my ideal b-day day. Sorry to hear you didnt feel well I'm glad your eye and clicking finger was up for pics... stunning

Sara said...

Well happy belated birthday! Gorgeous photos and such a beautiful day!