Saturday, August 18, 2012

Newman's Before & After Pics!

     To say we've been tight on money since May is an understatement. One of the things we've cut back on is taking our two Cocker Spaniels to the groomers. This isn't so bad for Ollie because his fur doesn't grow too fast. Newman, on the other hand, is a totally different story. He grows facial hair faster than anyone I know!! I joke around that he tries to grow a mustache and beard! 

     This Mama has attempted to give him a hair cuts. Honestly, I have. I end of being able to trim every where except his face and that's the place he needs it the worst! Newman ends up looking worse than before I started!!

     I finally broke down and made made Newman a grooming appointment! ( a true Mama thing, because I made him one before I've made my hair appointment!)  =) 

I was so excited yesterday morning to go pick him up! I knew he was going to look so handsome. We have a local groomer named, Kathy, who is awesome!! Newman knows his little cage is on the bottom (probably because he's too heavy to lift!) and he will run straight to it and hop in it! I was amazed the first time I seen Newman jump in his cage, because this baby of ours has never ever been in a crate / pen before!

     Here's where Newman goes to the Groomer:

     Here's his before pic:

     Check out Newman's after pic:

     I love this little fella more than I ever knew I could love a doggie. He came into my life when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and was at my lowest point in my life. I felt horrible and was completely down in the dumps. My sister - Karen & Robin who are two of my bestest friends ever, went in together to buy me a cocker spaniel because I had been wanting one and they knew he would lift my spirits! That December 1st 2005, did change how I felt...Newman lifted my spirits and has given me unconditional love that I never knew existed. I told my hubby last night as Newman sat in my lap, "how will my life ever be the same when something happens to him?" I try not to think about it, but oh, I do. That's why I snap thousands of pics of my little sweet heart. :)

     This sums pretty much sums it up:

( I found this via Pinterest!)

(This was also found via Pinterest)