Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Too Excited To Sleep!

I should be in bed. Alseep. It's 11:45pm. But I can't! I'm just like a little kid the night before Christmas! Why may you ask? Well, today my parents invited me to go with them for a short trip to the mountains as in the mountains in Tennessee! They told me they are leaving tomorrow around noon and will be back on Sunday. To start with I told my parents no because I had plans on Friday to go out to dinner with with my friends from Shands whom I use to work with. We had this scheduled for weeks. Then my Dad kept talking and begging me to go with them. He said they would pay for everything! Then I had thoughts like this: you never know if there will ever be an opportunity like this again, spend time with your parents, you never know how long you'll have your parents, take pics of the leaves changing color, see the mountains, and just go have a good time. There, I had convinced myself to go or rather my Dad & Mama convinced me to go. :) I sent the girls an email telling them I just had to go and could we reschedule? They understood like I thought they would. Tina did ask me to take plenty of pics. :)

I've been washing clothes and starting to pack. I keep thinking of how much fun we'll have!! My parents have mentioned before about me going and at that time I was working at Shands Hospital and there was no time for me to take off because I had used all of my time with being sick from Fibromyalgia or taking off for doctors appointments. Back in May my parents were planning on going on a short trip to the mountains and asked me if I wanted to go but I was off work while waiting for short term disability to go through and didn't feel up to it because of Fibro. Why do I feel like going now? Because I started taking Plexus July 16th!! Yes, it has helped my health that much! I have lost 23 lbs and my Fibro symptoms are so much better!! It's really unreal how much better I feel not only physically but mentally and emotionally. I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to take a leap of faith to try this product.

I will be taking plenty of photos, that's for sure!!! :)

Until Next Time~


Tania said...

Enjoy the time you get to spend with your parents. Looking forward to reading about your trip and seeing all the pictures you take.