Friday, September 21, 2012

Hunting Season 2012

     We will not be starving any time soon! Colby and Brandon went hunting with their bow and arrows in tow. Colby was the first one to call his Dad, saying he had hit a buck. Chuckie & I were at his parents house so we were just down the road from the hunting woods. When we got to the woods we drove to Colby's tree stand. I stayed in the truck with the windows rolled up and the air conditoning on was HOT and mosquitos were everywhere! Chuckie and Colby had to look for the deer because it ran off. The bad part about hunting with a bow is sometimes you do not kill the deer, you only wound him and then it runs off never to be found. This wasn't the case today. They found him not far from where Colby shot him. This deer was a 3pt. Colby was thrilled!!

This picture was taken a couple of weeks before bow season started. Colby was ready for hunting season to start.

Brandon brushing up on his bow skills 

Colby and his 3 point....

     Chuckie's cell phone rang & it was none other than Brandon calling to say he killed an 8pt!! This is the biggest deer Brandon's ever killed. Brandon was so proud!! He's planning on having this one mounted! This will be Brandon's first deer he's ever had mounted on a plaque.

Brandon & his 8 point....

     I am so glad I was able to be there and take pictures of this exciting moment. I told Chuckie when we were headed back to the house, if I'd been working at my old job, I would have missed this moment. Working from home has made me appreciate family time so much more and all the things I'm able to be here for. 

Brandon's checking out Colby's skinning skills. Colby works at my parents (his grandparents) meat shop. So he has this down pat!

     Brandon went hunting again this week and killed another 8pt!! Unbelievable, but he did. This deer was unique because he was colored differently than normal deer. This one was colored brown and white! Brandon's planning on having this one mounted too.

     This is the first hunting season where Brandon killed a deer with his bow. I believe Colby killed one last year with his bow. Hopefully they're on a roll because we all love vension! It's nice to know we will not be starving any time soon. :)