Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Part Two!!

     Our fun day continued as I remembered I had a couple of gift cards for Build A Bear that I've had for at least two years! Karen, Kason or I had never been to Build A Bear so this was something brand new for all of us.
     It didn't taken Kason long before he had him a little doggie. It was fun watching him realize they were going to "stuff" him! When his doggie was almost all stuffed she told Kason that his doggie needed a heart. She asked him to grab a heart out of the bag and then told him to rub it together to make it nice and warm for him and then instructed him to put it in. How precious is that?

 It's so cute because after the lady handed him his stuffed doggie, she told him to give him a bath to get him all nice and clean! He loved doing that. What a great idea for them to have a bath tub. Kids love things like that!

I think Karen and I enjoyed Build A Bear as much as Kason did! 

A happy little boy with his doggie!

Kason even got a little doggie that matched his big doggie!

Guess who we spotted? Yes, it was the big guy aka Santa Claus.
Kason was literally dragging Karen over the bridge until I said, "stop, I have to take a pic!" hahaha!

Karen & I couldn't believe that Kason took off RUNNING to go see Santa! We didn't even think he would sit with Santa let along go running towards him! Wow. We were in shock to say the least.

Kason and Santa had lots of things to discuss. Santa asked Kason, "what do you want for Christmas?" Kason replied, "I want a two-tar (guitar)".  I suspect there will be one of these under his tree on Christmas morning. Oh what a fun age he's at!

While we were at the store A Christmas to Remember, Karen bought Elf on the Shelf!! I was more excited than Karen was because I followed a few blogs last year and I knew what it was all about. It didn't take Karen long to see what all the fun was about. Her and Kason read the book that night! Kason named his elf, "George Henry". That little kid does have an imagination!  

All in all, this was such an awesome day. I love seeing things through Kason's eyes. It makes me realize how fast time flies. It seems forever a go when my boys were this little. I have not taken these moments with Kason for granted! Thank you Karen, for sharing this special day with me. We were missing one person: our sweet Moma. She couldn't come because this is there busy season at the meat department so she was busy working. :(   (they have their own meat processing business & with it being deer season this is there busy time of year).
I thank God for all of my blessings which are many. I'm thoroughly enjoying being able to work from home and having a flexible schedule!