Monday, December 17, 2012

Thought & Prayers

     We are all still in shock over Friday's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn. My heart breaks for everyone involved. It's something that is completely uncomprehendable. When the pics were released of the children and teachers it seemed even more real to me. I've cried tears for what was and could have been for these families. It's hard enough that this happened and with Christmas being so close it's going to make it even more difficult.
     I was able to spend time with my little nephew this weekend and as I snapped pics and videos of him I thought, we never know how much time we will have with a loved one. It's made me realize how precious our time is. You never know when you take a picture of someone, will it be the last one? I know we're not suppose to worry about whats to come but sometimes it's hard not too. I do know that we are blessed to have an avenue of prayer with our heavenly Father. He's always ready to listen to us and knows what we need before we do. He's just waiting for us to talk to Him..
     My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved. (((hugs))) to all of you.